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Purdue Football: Yahoo Says Rondale Moore is Overhyped

What... the...

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: APR 06 Purdue Spring Game Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I am sure you guys have seen it.

But, Yahoo continues to lose credibility when talking about Sports. Yesterday, Laken Litman wrongly stated that Rondale Moore is the most overhyped player in college football..

How the? What the? Yahoo, lets just go ahead and remove the video of her saying this, I mean come on.

Laken, “a full year to scout him”, come on. Ohio State had most of the season, with the best talent in the United States of America. The “full year to scout him” just is not a legitimate reason.

As a true freshman, Rondale went for 114 catches, 1258 yards, 12 touchdowns. He also added over 200 yards rushing and a couple of touchdowns there as well. His freshman year was no fluke, people can scout him if they want, but speed kills, a 3 yard under route can turn into a 60 yard touchdown, a handoff can be a homerun touchdown.

Let me remind everyone that Rondale Moore was the first consensus freshman All-American since Adrian Peterson - we remember him, right?

Will his production go down this year? My prediction is yes. But it isn’t because he hasn’t gotten better or because teams “Have had a full year to scout him” it is because there are better weapons around him now.

Isaac Zico and Terry Wright were both talented Wide Receivers, but between Amad Anderson, David Bell, Milton Wright, Jared Sparks, Jackson Anthrop, Kory Taylor and Brycen Hopkins, it is bound that Rondale’s production may take a hit.

Or will it? The running back situation is not great and we may need to get creative with getting Rondale the ball.

In the end, saying Rondale Moore is overhyped is lazy, Yahoo. Purdue is rarely talked about, many major analysts don’t even mention Rondale when they talk about Jeudy and Justyn Ross.

Is this overhyped?