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Purdue Historical S&P Analysis

Get ready for a roller coaster

Purdue Boilermakers Photo by Purdue Collegiate Images via Getty Images

Bill Connelly is now all grown up and getting paid by ESPN, but the S&P guru used to be a member of SB Nation and even ran the Missouri blog, so we’re quite familiar with his analytic work from our recent home and home with Mizzou. He is going through and tweeting out historical S&P numbers for every program and here is what he had on Purdue:

As expected, Purdue has been quite up and down historically. Our best periods were a near national title in 1943, the late 60s under Jack Mollenkopf, and the early Tiller years. There are a few other mini-spikes in there, with the Jim Young years the lone oasis between the late 60s and late 90s. That difference between Hazell and Brohm... yikes. It is even more pronounced when you consider that so far all broom has done is get us back to mediocrity from arguably the lowest low in program history.

For fun, here are the other Big Ten programs he has posted already: