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Boilers Have Fourth Highest Travel Mileage in Big Ten

Thanks, Nevada

The Boilermakers will have the fourth highest mileage traveled this year, largely on the back of their trip to Reno to face Nevada on the 30th. In fact, the Nevada trip alone will be more travel than the three lowest-traveling teams in the Big Ten. Those three, Iowa, Michigan, and Michigan State will all have less than 3,500 miles to travel this year, mostly on the backs of either an entirely-at-home OOC schedule (Michigan/MSU) or no trips too far east in conference play (Michigan State does have Rutgers, while Michigan goes Maryland.

Taking out the Nevada game, Purdue’s travel schedule in conference play puts them at 2,156 miles, only 70 miles more than Iowa’s conference travel schedule (subtracting the 200 mile round trip to Ames OOC), but third behind Illinois (who only travels 1,925 miles in conference this season). So, with the big road trip getting taken care of in week one, when theoretically the team is most capable of handling it, the road afterwards gets pretty darn smooth for the Boilermakers.

The teams with longer travel plans this season? Perhaps not surprisingly, it’s the teams on the edges of Big Ten territory. Nebraska, with games at Colorado and Maryland, Rutgers doing the full I circuit at Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana, and Minnesota with Fresno and Rutgers on the road for a total journey just over 7,000 miles for the Gophers.

The full Big Ten list is below, and the full FBS list can be found here.

Big Ten 2019 Mileage

Team Conference Mileage
Team Conference Mileage
Iowa Big Ten 2307
Michigan St Big Ten 2526
Michigan Big Ten 3181
Illinois Big Ten 3584
Ohio St Big Ten 3707
Indiana Big Ten 3937
Penn St Big Ten 4637
Wisconsin Big Ten 4745
Maryland Big Ten 5135
Northwestern Big Ten 5491
Purdue Big Ten 5625
Nebraska Big Ten 5628
Rutgers Big Ten 6006
Minnesota Big Ten 7030