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Purdue Football Recruiting: Monday Recruiting Update

Purdue filled out the linebacker position in the 2020 class over the weekend.

Iowa v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Hey y’all, things are a little slow in the recruiting world because of the “dead period” but there are a few interesting things to talk about today.

Kyran Jenkins

Purdue landed 3* linebacker Kyran Jenkins out of Georgia this weekend.

I think he’s an interesting pick up at middle linebacker. He plays at a smaller school in Georgia and dominates every sport he plays. In addition to being a standout football player, he’s also an All-State soccer player and an All-Region basketball player. That’s an interesting sports combination, but cross training is great for athletes. I wish more guys would go this route. I think it would cut back on some of the overuse injuries you see from guys who only play one sport.


Purdue solidified the linebacker position in the last few weeks picking up Clyde Washington II, Ryan Brandt and Jenkins.

It’s always tricky to talk about this, because I think Purdue is fine with that trio, but it’s also important to talk about the reality of this recruiting class. It certainly appears that Washington and Jenkins were both “plan B” pick ups. I’m not certain that’s the case with Brandt, who I had as a Purdue guy from the start, but it’s possible his offer (just conjecture on my part) was changed to “committable” recently after a few misses.

Cullen Coleman

I think Purdue had Coleman as their top outside linebacker choice. He is a high 3* recruit and rated as the 4th best overall player in New York.

It looked like Purdue was in a good position, even receiving the coveted Steve Wiltfong crystal ball at 247, but then Northwestern seemed to move in and take over as his leader. Purdue and Northwestern have gone toe to toe with 2 high priority defensive recruits, and Purdue went 0-2, losing out on both Coleman and Tennessee CB Garnett Hollis.

Daved Jones

Jenkins for Jones was a like for like swap on the recruiting boards. I think Jones was the top target at middle linebacker and Jenkins was the fall back.

Personally, I like what Jenkins brings to the table over Jones, but make no mistake, the Purdue coaching staff wanted Jones. When Jones committed to in-state Cincinnati on July, 2nd, Jenkins was the next man up on the board.


I’m fine with the guys Purdue landed but going head to head with Northwestern for two guys on the top of the recruiting board and losing both times is concerning. Losing out to Cincinnati also stings. Purdue has to do well in Ohio, and can’t afford to start losing players to the Bearcats (IU lost one of their top WR recruits to the Cincinnati as well if that makes you feel any better).

Max Melton

I get the feeling the Melton is just waiting to commit to Purdue. I would be surprised (not shocked because of family ties) if he ends up picking Rutgers over Purdue.

Defensive Tackle

I see defensive tackle as the top priority position remaining in the class. I think Purdue needs two, and I think one of them needs to be a nose tackle.

Purdue is looking at:

Octavious Oxendine - 6’2, 308 - 3*(87) - Radcliffe, KY

Bryce Austin - 6’2, 285 - 3*(87) - Southfield, MI

Justin Wodtly - 6’3, 270 - 3*(86) - Cleveland, OH

Sawyer Goram-Welch - 6’4, 263 - 3*(85) - Longview, TX

At this point, I think Austin and Welch are the best case scenario. I get the feeling that Oxendine will probably stay in Kentucky at UK and Michigan State appears to have the inside track on Wodtly.

Purdue not even getting a sniff from in-state DT Cole Brevard (PSU commit) and not getting any traction with Illinois DT Denver Warren is disappointing at clear position of need for the Boilermakers.