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Purdue Football Recruiting: 2020 Quarterback Prospects

A couple of tier one Qbs are off the board, where are we now?

Indiana v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Players Committed Elsewhere:

  • Carson Beck - UGA
  • Harrison Bailey - Tennessee
  • Tyler Van Dyke - The U
  • Parker McQuarrie - UCLA
  • Evan Prater - Cincy
  • Sol-Jay Maiava - BYU

Still in the Hunt:

  • Mike Alaimo - Undecided

Offers: Purdue, Michigan State, Cal, Boston College

Size: 6’5”, 215 Pounds

Location: Montvale, New Jersey

  • Hunter Dekkers - Undecided

Offers: Purdue, Indiana, Iowa State, Kansas State

Size: 6’3”, 225 Pounds

Location: West Sioux, Iowa

  • Chubba Purdy

Offers: Louisville, Arizona State, Purdue, Cal, Colorado, Kansas State, Kansas

Size: 6’2”, 215 Pounds

Location: Gilbert, Arizona

As of now, I believe these are three guys we are highest on and who are on high on us. Honestly, on the guys who we missed out on, I really only feel like Parker McQuarrie and Tyler Van Dyke were the only two that are better than these three guys.

If I had to rank these three in order, I would have it like this..

  1. Chubba Purdy
  2. Mike Alaimo
  3. Hunter Dekkers

Purdy is first mostly for his name (Kidding). But, he is a nice prospect, tall in the pocket and can also run. He ran for over 1,000 yards during his junior season.

Alaimo is a nice pocket passer. After watching his film, he prefers to stay in the pocket. He throws a nice vertical ball, as well as out routes. Honestly, his team just looked way better than everyone else on film.

Then you have Dekkers, who came onto the Purdue radar a little bit late. He has been on campus already, he is built like a brick shit house. At 6-3 225, he is stout and strong as hell. An Iowan, who has been fed corn his entire life.

All three of these quarterbacks would be great additions to the 2020 class. Purdue will take one quarterback in every class, any of these three would be great pickups.