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Purdue Basketball Recruiting: Ethan Morton Commits

Coach Painter lands the No. 43 player in the nation.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports


This is a very big get for coach Painter, and the highest rated player he has gotten since Caleb Swanigan. Ethan Morton is the No. 43 player nationally according to Rivals, No. 42 player according to 247, and No. 42 in the ESPN top 100. Needless to say, landing a top 50 player is very nice, but it is also rare for coach Painter. How rare? He joins E’Twaun Moore, JaJuan Johnson, and Swanigan as the only top 50 players per Rivals that Painter has gotten:

Matt Painter Recruiting Rankings

Player Rivals 247 Ranking Post-Purdue
Player Rivals 247 Ranking Post-Purdue
2007 Class: 6
Nemanja Calasan 3-star 469 (3-star) European Pro
Chris Reid unrated 2-star None
Scott Martin 76 (4-star) 49 (4-star) transfer to Notre Dame
Robbie Hummel 75 (4-star) 59 (4-star) NBA Draft
E'Twaun Moore 35 (4-star) 26 (4-star) NBA Draft
JaJuan Johnson 42 (4-star) 43 (4-star) NBA Draft
2008 Class: 291
John Hart unrated 984 (2-star) transfer to IUPUI
Lewis Jackson 121 (3-star) 116 (4-star) NBA D-League
Ryne Smith 114 (3-star) 97 (4-star) Coaching
2009 Class: 287
Sandi Marcius 3-star 203 (3-star) transfer to DePaul
Patrick Bade 3-star unranked transfer to Football
Kelsey Barlow 3-star 203 (3-star) kicked off team, transfered to UIC
DJ Byrd 102 (3-star) 107 (4-star) Coaching
2010 Class: 37
Anthony Johnson 101 (4-star) 127 (3-star) transfer to Northern Illinois
Terone Johnson 51 (4-star) 71 (4-star) European Pro
Travis Carroll 3-star 163 (3-star) Coaching
2011 Class: 92
Jacob Lawson 3-star 199 (3-star) transfer to Appalachian State
Donnie Hale 3-star 239 (3-star) transfer to Bellarmine
2012 Class: 16
A.J. Hammons 77 (4-star) 75 (4-star) NBA Draft
Ronnie Johnson 94 (4-star) 87 (4-star) transfer to Houston
Jay Simpson 112 (4-star) 104 (4-star) Medically retired (heart condition)
Rapheal Davis 96 (4-star) 93 (4-star) Coaching
2013 Class: 28
Basil Smotherman 112 (4-star) 153 (3-star) kicked off team, transfered to Georgia St.
Kendall Stephens 61 (4-star) 62 (4-star) transfer to Nevada
Bryson Scott 75 (4-star) 96 (4-star) transfer to Fort Wayne
2014 Class: 33
P.J Thompson 3-star 354 (3-star) European Pro
Isaac Haas 71 (4-star) 82 (4-star) NBA G-League
Jacquil Taylor 3-star 249 (3-star) transfer to Hofstra
Vince Edwards 124 (4-star) 121 (4-star) NBA Draft
Dakota Mathias 147 (3-star) 218 (3-star) European Pro
2015 Class: 37
Caleb Swanigan 19 (5-star) 19 (5-star) NBA Draft (left 2 years early)
Ryan Cline 141 (3-star) 159 (3-star) TBD
Grant Weatherford 3-star 379 (3-star) transfer to IUPUI
Grady Eifert unrated (walk-on) unrated (walk-on) Coaching
2016 Class: 108
Carsen Edwards 91 (4-star) 118 (4-star) NBA Draft (left 1 year early)
2017 Class: 34
Nojel Eastern 77 (4-star) 69 (4-star) TBD
Sasha Stefanovic 3-star 374 (3-star) TBD
Matt Haarms 3-star 352 (3-star) TBD
Aaron Wheeler 3-star 174 (3-star) TBD
Eden Ewing unrated 3 star kicked off team, played at Texas So.
2018 Class: 49
Eric Hunter 121 (4-star) 151 (3-star) TBD
Emmanuel Dowuona 3-star 172 (3-star) TBD
Trevion Williams 128 (3-star) 155 (3-star) TBD
2019 Class: 52
Brandon Newman 83 (4-star) 118 (4-star) TBD
Isaiah Thompson 3-star 197 (3-star) TBD
Mason Gillis 132 (4-star) 205 (3-star) TBD
2020 TBD
Jaden Ivey 3-star (pending) 215 (3-star) TBD
Ethan Morton 43 (4-star) 42 (4-star) TBD

You want highlights? Here are highlights:

Morton is a very versatile 6’5” player. Rivals lists him as a point guard, ESPN as a shooting guard, and 247 as a small forward. He is a shooter that can play three positions, which is huge in our offense. Accordin to Rivals he had offers from 22 schools including Indiana, Marquette, MIchigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, and others.

With two of the three open scholarship spots now claimed by guards Purdue will probably look for a forward or a big. Hunter Dickinson, the No. 22 player nationally, would be a very nice fit for that spot. It would also make our 2020-21 team ridiculously loaded with the Final Four in Indianapolis, just sayin’.

Here is your up-to-the-minute scholarship grid:

Purdue Basketball Scholarship Grid

Player ('19-'20) ('20-'21) ('21-'22) ('22-'23) ('23-'24)
Player ('19-'20) ('20-'21) ('21-'22) ('22-'23) ('23-'24)
Evan Boudreaux Senior
Tommy Luce
Jahaad Proctor Grad
Matt Haarms RS Junior RS Senior
Nojel Eastern Junior Senior
Aaron Wheeler RS Soph. RS Junior RS Senior
Sasha Stefanovic RS Soph. RS Junior RS Senior
Trevion Williams Sophomore Junior Senior
Eric Hunter Sophomore Junior Senior
Emmanuel Dowuona RS Freshman RS Soph. RS Junior RS Senior
Isaiah Thompson Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Mason Gillis Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Brandon Newman Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Jaden Ivey Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Ethan Morton Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Scholarships Used 12 12 10 6 2
Scholarships Left 1 1 3 7 11