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Purdue Football: 2020 Recruiting, Quarterback

Coach Brohm has some offers out to quality quarterbacks.

Northwestern v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Quarterback Room is getting a little busy. Like I-65 rush hour traffic busy.

Everyone in the room has more than one year left also, making the 2020 quarterback class a hard one to predict.

Elijah Sindelar - 2 Years Left, RS Senior (Medical Waiver)

Jack Plummer - 4 Years Left, RS Frosh

Nick Sipe - 3 Years Left, RS Sophomore

Paul Piferi - 4 or 5 Years Left, True Frosh, Likely RS

Aidan O’Connell - 3 Years Left, RS Sophomore

As you can see, it is crowded.

But, Coach Brohm wants a quarterback a class and wants competition. So, here we are. With a plethora of offers out for 2020. Here is what I have from

Offered but Verbal Elsewhere:

Carson Beck - 4*, UGA

Harrison Bailey - 4*, UT

Tyler Van Dyke - 4*, The U

Parker McQuarrie - 4*, UCLA

Jaden Casey - 3*, Fresno State

Evan Prater - 3*, Cincinatti

Here is the list of players with offers, but I don’t see us having a real chance with:

Michael Alaimo - 4* (Prediction MSU)

Malik Hornsby - 4* (Prediction Houston)

Robby Ashford - 4* (Prediction Auburn)

Sol-Jay Maiava - 3* (Prediction BYU)

Lastly, here is my list of quarterbacks, that we have offers out to, that I could see us with a chance to get.

Chubba Purdy - 3*, Offers: Arizona State, Purdue, Cal, Kansas

Mekhi Hagens - 3*, Offers: Mizzou, App State, Purdue

Gregory Spann - 3*, Offers: Duke, Louisville, Ole Miss

Obviously, as Purdue hosts High School Team Camps and individual camps, more names will come up. But, just looking at the players and how crowded the quarterback room is, I could definitely see no Quarterback in the 2020 class.

I know he has stressed a quarterback per class, but the top tier quarterbacks are off the board in my opinion, then I believe Prater was the tier II guy we wanted and he decided to stay close to home.

Purdue is in good shape at quarterback, but do not be surprised to see some movement from the room after this season. Sipe was a carry over from Hazell recruiting, Coach Brohm kept him on as he started recruiting late.

Sipe has struggled in practices that I have seen him in. IMO, O’Connell may be ahead of him on the depth chart this fall. I see Plummer as the #2 and obviously have Sindelar starting.

Some players see the depth as recruits and do not want to sit until almost their junior year. You cannot blame these kids, as they want to play. Competition brings the best players in and along the way, you may lose some recruits as well. That is the beauty of the beast.

I know Coach Brohm will have a good player behind center for the next 4 seasons though, even if it is Sindelar for the next two or one, then Plummer for 2 or 3 years. The fix past 4 years may be in the 2021 class or Piferi.

Trust in Brohm is key. He will get it done.