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97 Days Until Purdue Football: Semisi Fakasiieiki

Will the RS Jr see the field more?

Emmet Mosley ND

Name: Semisi Fakasiieiki

Class: Junior (RS)

Position: Defensive Line

Size: 6-3, 265 Pounds

2018 Results: 12 Games as a reserve, 8 Total Tackles,

2019 Prediction: Reserve on the defensive line.

Semisi has a strange Purdue career to say the least. One of Hazell’s last recruits, he was brought here to be a thumper at MLB.

Well, that may have been the case with the previous regime, but since Brohm & Co. has been here, he has been moved to defensive line. In the Nick Holt defense, his LBs have to be great athletes.

Not saying that he isn’t a great athlete, but there is a big difference between he and say Markus Bailey, Cornel Jones or Derrick Barnes.

Semisi may have found his niche on the defensive line. He continues to bulk up, but maintain his speed he could be a difference maker inside, where they are always looking for help at it seems.

I am looking forward to seeing what type of impact he will have in 2019.