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Purdue Basketball: Robbie Hummel Makes Team USA

Robbie Hummell will be representing Team USA in the 3 on 3 World Cup Tournament

NCAA Second Round: Purdue Boilermakers v Washington Huskies Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Robbie Hummel, the once Purdue great and part of the Baby Boilers, has been named to the 3 on 3 roster for the 2019 World Cup. There are three other members on the team, including Kareem Maddox (Princeton), Canyon Berry (Florida) and Briante Webber (VCU).

Robbie, who played professionally in the NBA and overseas has now launched his broadcasting career, focusing on the Big Ten. Robbie does a great job with broadcasting and will have a longstanding career in doing so.

But, his love for the game is still there. If it isn’t playing for the USA 3 on 3 Basketball Team, then it is promoting his “Bad Basketball” Twitter series, which is quite hilarious if you have not seen any.

I am looking forward to following Robbie as he chases a gold medal, which would be the first ever for the USA in the 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament. Congratulations Robbie, Boiler Up!!