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Purdue Basketball Recruiting: Jaden Ivey Breakdown

Coach Painter got a diamond in the rough here, he will EXPLODE on to the scene this summer.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-South Regional-Purdue vs Virginia Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Player: Jaden Ivey

Position: Guard

Size: 6-3, 185 Pounds

Ranking: 247 Sports - 215 National, 50th Shooting Guard, 6th in Indiana (2020)

Offers: Purdue (Solid Commit), Notre Dame, Butler


  • Attacks the Rim

This is probably Jaden’s best trait. He attacks the rime HARD. He is ultra athletic and will throw it down. Not only that, he does a great job of keeping his chin on the rim for contested lay ups against bigger opponents.

  • Long Arms

Defensively, this will help tremendously. With his length and athleticism I believe Coach Painter will be comfortable with Jaden guarding positions 1 through 3.

  • Good Handles

For a combo guard, Jaden has pretty solid handles. He really loves to break down the defender and get to the rim for an easy dunk or lay up. Jaden seems to really like the cross over step back move, you see this a lot with James Harden, but Jaden doesn’t do the double step back, since that is a DAMN travel.

  • Passing Ability

It is evident in his film that he is a willing passer. He loves to hit his bigs on a pick and roll, which is great news for us, since we love our bigs. When attacked the rim, he does a nice job of keeping his eyes up and finding cutters late.


  • Outside Jump Shot

His three point shot will need a little bit of work. He seems to take contested jumpers far too often also. It isn’t that his jump shot is ugly, it just needs some fine tuning. No one can be a walking 3 point jump shooter like Carse, Cline, Dakota and Sasha.

  • Seems out of Control at Times

At times, it appears that he may be a bit out of control. This is most likely due to the lack of sophisticated offense at the high school and AAU levels. With Coach Painter’s system, it will be much different, he won’t have to force the issue and will appear under control .