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It Is EDSBS Charity Bowl Time!!!!!!

Rub it in IU’s face for a good cause!

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best things the SB nation Network does every year is support the EDSBS charity bowl. You may not have heard of it, but it is the brainchild of Spencer Hall and his site, Everyday Should Be Saturday. Each year in April they support New American Pathways, a refugee service organization in Georgia that aids in helping refugees get established and become citizens in Georgia.

They ask for money in a great way, however; They ask you to donate in for form of a score of a significant victory over a rival. They keep track of the schools represented strictly for bragging rights and the winning school is usually represented by Spencer doing something incredibly silly. For example: Michigan usually wins this and as a result, one year Spencer got a tattoo of Totoro with a block M on its belly:

We’re all for doing good around here, so let’s help them out. You can donate to the Charity Bowl and be sure to represent Purdue as you do so. I even got us started by donating $114.30 yesterday, which was 10 cents for each day since Indiana last beat Purdue in men’s basketball. This is significant because there is not a single player on next year’s roster (barring a grad transfer) that has lost to Indiana in his career. Tommy Luce is now in line to become the first four-year player to go undefeated against the Hoosiers.

Here are some other suggestions:

$3 - A dollar for each win of our current winning streak in Assembly Hall (our longest ever in that building).

$8.64 - A penny for every day since Indiana last beat Purdue in football or men’s basketball (November 26, 2016)

$11.44 - A penny for every day since Indiana last beat Purdue in men’s basketball (February 20, 2016

$24 - A dollar for every Big Ten Men’s Basketball regular season championship for your reigning league champ.

$28.21 - The final score of our most recent Old Oaken Bucket Game.

$48.46 - The final score of our most recent men’s basketball game.

If you want to be more generous feel free to add zeroes after your donation for the number of NCAA Tournament appearances under Archie Miller.

We don’t have to limit it to Indiana, either. After all, EDSBS is the site that came up with The Traveling The, won by Purdue back in October (and lost a week later). You can commemorate that victory in the following ways:

$49.20 - The Final score of Purdue’s earth-shattering win over Ohio State.

$14.01 - Remind Ohio State fans that they won 14 games, but failed to reach the College Football playoff because of that bad night in West Lafayette.

Or, just donate however much you want. It is all for a good cause.