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Purdue Football: Spring Game Preview

What can we expect tomorrow afternoon?

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Purdue Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

We are just over 24 hours until the Purdue Football Spring Game.

What does this date mark? It marks the time for us to turn the page on the Elite 8 Heartbreak and focus our energy on this young football team and dynamic football staff.

I love the spring game. It is a great chance to talk to alumni, get out on a nice spring day and watch some early season football.

What can we expect at each position tomorrow? What questions will come up?


Reportedly, Sindelar’s knee is fine. It was just a hyper extension of the knee and it swelled up. Luckily, there is no structural damage. He should be good to go for the season and he stated if it was the season, he would be ready to play.

My question is and will be all summer, who is the number two quarterback? Will it be Jack Plummer (RS Frosh), Nick Sipe (RS Soph), Aidan O’Connell (Sophomore) or will it be freshman Paul Piferi? There is a bunch of talent in the quarterback room.

Running Back:

It is looking like Tario Fuller will the starting running back this coming season. The 5th year senior has been up and down, hampered with injuries, but he is the healthiest he has been since the start of the season, 2 years ago, when he was ahead of Knox and Jones on the depth chart as a Sophomore.

Behind Tario, there are questions. To me, the number 2 is Alexander Horvath. Richie Worship hasn’t been healthy in nearly 2 years now. I would be comfortable with Horvath as the number 1 even.

Behind those guys, Evan Anderson (RS FR) and Walk-on RS Froshm Alfred Armour, who has been impressive, he is 6’1”, 230 Pounds.

My only question for this group is, what is going on with Richie? Why has he not recovered correctly?

Wide Receiver:

We know the one that is a for sure lock as a starter, Rondale Moore. Now, I am not talking summer and fall here, but focused on tomorrow. We should expect Jared Sparks to get reps at outside receiver as well, the experienced junior is now on his 2nd season as a full time wide receiver.

Amad Anderson Jr, should see plenty of opportunities. He was on the verge of not being RS last season, but they went ahead and gave him the redshirt.

We will see a bunch of young wide receivers, including Jordan Bonner, Kory Taylor and Tyler Hamilton. We will also see the savby veteran, Jackson Anthrop. I expect him to have a bigger role this year, as we continue to turn into more of a pass first offense as Coach Brohm remakes the roster.

I am interested in the outside receiver positions. Sparks is my lead for one side of the field, but will one of the guys on the roster now lock up the other, or will it be a wide receiver that gets here this summer?

Tight End:

Hopkins is the lead man here this spring, following by Pittman, and Durham. Help is coming this summer to add more depth and receivers.

Offensive Line:

This is the biggest question mark on the roster in my opinion - which is not great, since it is the most important.

Purdue graduated a ton of talent and experience off the line, and returns only two starters, Matt McCann and Grant Hermanns - both who have had multiple injuries in their careers.

So, who fills in the rest of the OL? Are we in the running for any grad transfers in May? I have no idea, but I truly am worried about this group, especially with a QB that has a bad knee.

As for now, Beach looks like the guy at Center, but the two guard spots are up for grabs. I will be interested in what I see tomorrow.

Defensive Line:

Newcomer George Karlaftis has made an immediate impact. He has been inserted with the starting group early on. Returnee Giovanni Reveiere will be back to make impact in stopping the run.

Inside, Lorenzo Neal is still out with a torn ACL from late in the 2018 season. Kai Higgins is also back this season and the senior is looking to go out with a bang. Anthony Watts should be expected to make some noise inside.

Behind these guys, there is a ton of youth, Jack Cravvaack, Lawrence Johnson, Jack Sullivan and KJ Stokes are all interesting players as well.


The core returns, Markus Bailey, Cornel Jones and Derrick Barnes. Add Jaylan Smith and Jack Smith as young talent and this group is coming along. More help is coming this summer too, with Ben Holt coming as a 5th year transfer.

Walk-on Jonah Williams is a 6-3, 240 pound linebacker from local West Lafayette, he intrigues me as a back up.

My question is, who plays tomorrow? This is a banged up group.


I expect Mosley to be the starting Free Safety. Jalen Graham enrolled early and has made an impact during spring ball, the 6-3, 220 pound safety loves to blow opposing players up.

At corner, I like Kenneth Major and Dedrick Mackey as starters. There is plenty of depth finally too. I love Cory Trice with his length. Smiley will be great as the nickel cornerback again. Kadin Smith and Jordan Rucker also are intriguing.

There is finally talent in the secondary, but it is very young.

Hope to see you all at the spring game tomorrow! Boiler Up!