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H&R Roundtable: Purdue Basketball, Mount Rushmore

The H&R Staff weigh in on who is on their Purdue Basketball Mount Rushmore (No coaches) and why:

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-South Regional-Purdue vs Virginia Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports


This wasn’t mentioned in the prompt but I’m gonna note that in our GroupMe conversation you said no coaches allowed, only players. I want that known up front for why Gene Keady isn’t listed.

To me there are three obvious choices and then one wildcard. The obvious choices are John Wooden, Rick Mount, and Glenn Robinson. Each player was dominant in their era (which I think is the only way to do something like this.) and still to this day represents a point of pride for Purdue fans across the board. John Wooden is one of the most well known names in all of basketball due to his coaching career sure but before all of that he was a Purdue All-American and very nearly the Purdue coach. Rick Mount is described as quite possibly the greatest pure shooter to ever play the game. In just three seasons of play, freshman weren’t eligible during his time, he finished with 2,323 points. Keep in mind if he played with a three point line that number would be a few hundred points higher. That’s an incredible number. Glenn Robinson was the best I’ve ever seen play the college game in person. Robinson scored 1,030 points his junior season, which was only his second season due to his ineligibility his freshman year. His career totals are an average of 27.5 points and 9.7 rebounds per game. Just eye popping numbers and dominance. He very likely would’ve taken Purdue to the Final Four if not for his injured back. Plus, there’s this.

The last spot is the issue. Do you put on Caleb Swanigan, Carsen Edwards, Robbie Hummel, E’Twaun Moore, JJ, hell even Chris Kramer or Brian Cardinal? They all have legitimate arguments. Then there are sentimental choices. I know he won’t go down in history as an all time great Purdue player but Marcus Green really changed the culture at Purdue when Painter returned home. His determination to stay and stick it out meant a lot for the program. The same can be said for Ray D. And how about David Teague and Carl Landry? They changed the perception of the program and helped build a bridge to the Baby Boilers.

I’m gonna go unconventional and leave my fourth spot open for the taking. There’s no reason you have to put them all up at once. Right now my Mt. Rushmore has the three players I think we can all agree on. I’ll leave the fourth for the next player who leads us to a Final Four or even someone who leads us to that ever elusive NCAA Title.


Here are mine:

Glenn Robinson - Perhaps the most dominating Purdue player of all time. He was a force of nature and only player to score 1,000 points in a single season. It is rare Purdue has a can’t miss, No. 1 overall pick and when you’re National Player of the Year there is little doubt you’re on this list.

Rick Mount - The man had an absolutely perfect jump shot and could score in bunches. He will continue to hold the scoring record possibly for all time unless Carsen comes back next season. His 61 point game is the stuff of legend and he took Purdue to its only national title game.

John Wooden - Another National Player of the Year. In fact, the award is now named after him. Who knows how his game would translate to today, but he was a legend even before he became the greatest college coach of all time.

Terry Dischinger - A two-time All-American and someone who scored a ton of points and pulled down a ton of rebounds. He is the shakiest one on my list as the other three are no brainers. If Carsen returns he absolutely can take Dischinger’s spot.

All My Sports Teams Suck (@AMSTS) - New Guy, Chris Ford

Well, it’s a Mount, so I can’t not put Rick up there. Everyone is high on Carsen’s recent performance but Rick Mount a 40.6 PPG average in the NCAA Tournament in ‘69. Nice.

Second I have to put Glenn. He should’ve been first on the list but I had to make the low effort Mount pun first. If you need a “why” I will refer you to Wikipedia, because you’re obviously new to Purdue basketball.

Third I’m putting our George Washington: John Wooden. Led us to a (retroactive) natty, and probably is the reason that Purdue is such a basketball school even over 80 years after he played. The fact that he then went off to be the greatest coach in college basketball also doesn’t hurt.

Finally, I am putting Joe Carroll, my Teddy Roosevelt. Our 2nd all-time scorer, 352 rebounds, a Final Four appearance, and a #1 draft pick overall. Hard to argue with that, but also not the first name that would pop into your head

I’m the old guy here so I’m sure everyone else threw Carsen or Hummel up there, but I’m trying to hold people to the “timeless” standard. It’s probably too early for those guys, but time will tell.


This is very tough call, there have been a lot of great players at Purdue, but to me there are two obvious choices to start.

John Wooden

The first ever 3-time All-American, and a retroactive national champion. As much of a no-brainer as you’re ever going to get.

Rick Mount

Another easy choice, Mount is still the all-time leading scorer in Purdue history and if it weren’t for John Wooden the coach, and some guy named Lew Alcindor, he might have brought home an NCAA Tournament title as well.

Joe Barry Carroll

This is where it gets difficult, because Carroll, Terry Dischinger, Glenn Robinson, and Carsen all have an argument. I’m going to go with JBC, because he led his team to a Final Four.

Carsen Edwards

Really, this spot should be Dischinger’s, but his teams never brought home any hardware. I’m going to go with Carsen because he has two Sweet Sixteens, an Elite Eight, and two Big Ten titles to go with his various individual awards. Also, recency bias.


Big Dog:

Big Dog is a no brainer. In over the last 45 years, he is the only Big Ten player to average over 30 points per game in a season. He also lead Purdue to an Elite 8 appearance, playing with an injured back. In the Sweet 16, he scored 44 points against Kansas. He was also the only player ever in Purdue History to score 1,000 points in a season. He was the number 1 overall pick in the NBA draft, where he scored over 20 PPG in 8 of his 11 seasons.

Rick Mount:

Mount, the all time leading scorer in Purdue history is a no brainer. He lead Purdue to a national championship appearance. Over three seasons, Mount scored over 2,300 points, averaging 32 points per game WITHOUT a 3 point line. He eventually won an ABA title during his professional career.

John Wooden:

The GOAT. First ever 3 time All-American, won us the 1932 National Championship, went on to be one of the greatest coaches of all time. Wooden has the player of the year award named after him. It would be a crime to not include him on this list.

Terry Dischinger:

Dischinger was just put into the Basketball Hall of Fame this past weekend. While Terry was a great scoring wing man, he was also a great rebounder. His career average for rebounding was 13 Rebounds Per Game, which is a school record. He also averaged 28 points per game. While he didn’t win much, he was stat sheet stuffer. He was also a Two-Time All- American

Honorable Mention:

Carsen Edwards

I was close on putting him on the list. Recency bias - but also he is the first two time All-American since Big Dog. He set records this tournament and is a straight up dog. If Carsen comes back for 1 more year, he will put himself into my Mount Rushmore.

Who you guys got?