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Purdue Football: Elijah Sindelar Granted a 6th Season

Quarterback is locked down for a couple more years.

Indiana v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

According to Mike Carmin from the Lafayette Journal and Courier, Elijah Sindelar has been granted a 6th year of eligibility.

What does this mean? Well, it appears that the transition to the next quarterback will not be nearly as bumpy, as he will be on campus a year longer now.

Elijah, who lead us to a bowl victory in the 2017-2018 season was hindered by an ACL he sustained during Jeff Brohm’s first year as our head football coach. After David Blough was lost for the season, Elijah played through the injury and got us bowl eligible.

Then, in the Foster Farms Bowl, Elijah lit up Arizona, throwing for over 300 yards. Recovery did not go as planned though last season. He was not nearly as mobile and you could tell the knee was bothersome. On top of that, he sustained an abdomen injury that essentially ended his junior season.

Now, we get to see this big arm with Rondale Moore for two more seasons and help build this young team up before he leaves, as he has some of the most experience on the team already.

Elijah did tweak that knee again this spring, but was shut down immediately. In the spring game, as I watched the young guys, it is apparent none are ready for the starting job. As of now, behind Elijah is:

RS Frosh - Jack Plummer

RS Sophomore - Nick Sipe

RS Sophomore - Aidan O’Connell

Frosh - Paul Piferi

A quarterback a class is the way to go. It builds competition and allows the gap between the quarterbacks from year to year not be as large if you were to lose a vet.

By the time Elijah leaves, O’Connell and Sipe will both be seniors, Plummer a Junior and Piferi will be a RS Sophomore.

In his statement to the Lafayette Journal and Courier, Elijah did say this

“My goal is not to use it if I don’t have too,” Sindelar said. “Hopefully, I can perform well enough this season to be able to get drafted. That would be ideal. For some reason, if that does not happen and I’m able to take that sixth year to increase that opportunity then that’s what is going to happen.”

The goal is clearly the NFL, but if his stock is not high enough, he seems content with coming back to Purdue.

The news is big time and I couldn’t be happier. Congratulations, Elijah!