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Purdue Football Recruiting: 2020 Offers, Quarterback

Who could be next for the Cradle?

NCAA Football: Music City Bowl-Auburn vs Purdue Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Recruiting never stops.

Our coaches are always on social media, going to clinics and traveling this country to find the next great Boilermakers.

While it seemed like this did not happen often in the Hazell era, which may be correct. Our current staff is all over the place, all of the time. Last week, Coach Shep spoke at a clinic in Chicago, while he is there to teach younger coaches, he also there selling the Purdue brand to the area coaches.

This week, the Purdue Staff will be down at the IFCA clinic, for Indiana High School Coaches, selling their brand and trying create those relationships.

2020 commits will be here before you know it, we have one already, but once late spring and summer hit, they come fast.

As for quarterbacks, here are the guys to keep a look out on:

Pro Style:

Parker McQuarrie - 6-7, 210 Pounds, New Hampshire, 4*

Tyler Van Dyke - 6-4, 210 Pounds, Connecticut, 3*

Dual Threat:

Evan Prater - 6-5, 195 Pounds, Ohio , 3*

Gregory Spann - 6-4, 195 Pounds , Florida, 3*

Sol-Jay Maiava - 6-1, 185 Pounds, Washington D.C., 3*

What I find interesting for these 2020 offers is that we are after some dual threat guys. Since Coach Brohm has been here, we mostly have gone after pro style type of guys, Nick Sipe, Jack Plummer and Paul Piferi.

This cycle though, we are offering some dual threat quarterbacks, something I am all for. These dual threats still have that tall stature that Coach Brohm covets for the quarterback position.

Is this showing he wants to go more RPO and have a QB that has a better ability to run? No offense to Elijah, but he is no dual threat. Piferi has some wheels, as he was one of the top 100 meter dash guys in California also.

But, we have not seen much interest in dual threat QBs until these 2020 offers started coming out. There is no way around it, we have two QB whisperers on this staff. I completely feel confident with what they will be able to do with whatever quarterback they have.

For now, here is what the quarterback depth chart looks like, well, my depth chart:

  1. Elijah Sindelar - Senior
  2. Jack Plummer - RS Freshman
  3. Nick Sipe - RS Sophomore
  4. Aidan O’Connell - Sophomore (He is closer than most walk ons to being a back up)
  5. Paul Piferi - Freshman, likely redshirt.

As you can see, we haev Quarterbacks from every class, we are essentially missing only a junior. This is a good group. Even the walk on, O’Connell has reportedly been playing really good ball early on and is vying for the #2 spot.