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Purdue Football: Elijah Sindelar Shut Down

Another knee tweak? Damn.

NCAA Football: Eastern Michigan at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

After today’s scrimmage, where there was no Elijah Sindelar, Tom Dienhart from Gold and Black Illustrated Tweeted this:

What does this mean? Welllll, a few things I suppose.

  1. His knee will probably never be the same. ACLs seem to be commonplace at this point in the game of football, with more focus on protecting the head, everyone gets hit low now. Usually, it is pretty easy recovery now - but Elijah’s seems to be lingering round a bit. There is no real idea what a “tweak” is, but doesn’t sound great.
  2. Young guys will have to be ready. The scholarship back ups will need to be ready, RS Sophomore - Nick Sipe, RS Frosh Jack Plummer or True Frosh Paul Piferi (already enrolled) will need to be prepared just in case. Knee issues linger, as we have seen here.
  3. Is it really a “Tweak” or is the offensive line bad this spring? We lost quite a bit on the offensive line, Kirk Barron, Mike Mendez (left program), Bearooz Yacoobi, Dennis Edwards, Eric Swingler, Ethan Smart and Shane Evans. Right now, Grant Hermanns and Matt McCann are the tackles are returning, but the interior OL has little experience.

But, for now, we only know that he is done for the spring. The senior has expressed applying for a 6th year, so there is a chance that he may play two more years.

In the last couple of weeks it has been all basketball news. Here is a little bit football for you pre-game pleasure.

Boiler Up!