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Purdue Football: Tyler Trent Student Gate

A great way to honor our captain.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

For a young man who inspired so many, his name and signature is now forever ingrained into Ross-Ade Stadium.

I do not need to give you the back story on Tyler anymore, we all know it.

The young man who battled cancer, essentially since a young teen inspired so many people at Purdue, hell nationwide, his story went global.

Tyler will now have the student entrance gate named after him. Some wanted a statue of he and his tent, right outside of what used to be Gate E, basically where his story started with Nathan Baird of the Lafayette Journal and Courier.

But, a statue would have been too much - Tyler was never about himself, he was about the fans, the players and Purdue University. This is a great representation of what he was all about and will be here long after we are gone and when Purdue still stands tall - Tyler will still be there with Purdue.

His story lives on. His name now plastered with other Purdue Greats, such as John Purdue, Neil Armstrong and John Wooden. While it may not be a monument, that is not what was needed.

Cancer Sucks. Thank you for the inspiration T2. Boiler Up.