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Purdue Has Ninth Shortest Path to Final Four

The joys of getting placed in the right geography, for once

The road to the Final Four often has plenty of twists and turns, but this year for the Boilers, the first trip out of town is their longest.

As we all know by know, the Boilermakers start in Hartford before (hopefully) having an opportunity to play in Louisville, and finally (hopefully), a relatively short jaunt to Minneapolis for the Final Four. It looks a little something like this:

Overall that put Purdue as the 9th shortest path to the Final Four, which was shorter than all but one 1-seed (Duke, because of course it is). Other teams with shorter travel than the Boilermakers include Cincinnati and Tennessee who both play in the Columbus/Louisville pod.

More good news for the Boilers is that a potential second round opponent Saint Mary’s would have the longest path of any team in the tournament. If we end up playing them, we would only be doing them a favor by keeping their student-athletes from having to miss so much school on account of being on an airplane.

The full list of distances each team has to travel is available here, for those interested.