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Purdue vs. Old Dominion Tip-off Time Announced

It will be the late show in Hartford for Purdue

NCAA Basketball: Old Dominion at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Watching the first two days of the NCAA Tournament is a marathon, not a sprint. Sometime you get the early game like we did last year vs. Cal State Fullerton. Sometimes you get the last timeslot of the night like we did against Texas Tech. well, get some coffee and get ready to watch basketball late into the night as the Boilers will tipoff in the fourth time slot in Hartford on Thursday night.

First round, Thursday, March 21

Minnesota vs. Louisville March Madness Live 12:00 pm CBS Des Moines, IA

Yale vs. LSU March Madness Live 12:30 pm truTV Jacksonville, FL

New Mexico St. vs. Auburn March Madness Live 1:20 pm TNT Salt Lake City, UT

Vermont vs. Florida St. March Madness Live 1:50 pm TBS Hartford, CT

Bradley vs. Michigan St. March Madness Live 2:30 pm CBS Des Moines, IA

Belmont/Temple vs. Maryland March Madness Live 3:00 pm truTV Jacksonville, FL

Northeastern vs. Kansas March Madness Live 3:50 pm TNT Salt Lake City, UT

Murray St. vs. Marquette March Madness Live 4:20 pm TBS Hartford, CT

Florida vs. Nevada March Madness Live 6:45 pm TNT Des Moines, IA

Abilene Christian vs. Kentucky March Madness Live 7:00 pm CBS Jacksonville, FL

Saint Mary’s vs. Villanova March Madness Live 7:15 pm TBS Hartford, CT

Farleigh Dickinson/Prairie View vs. Gonzaga March Madness Live 7:15 pm truTV Salt Lake City, UT

Montana vs. Michigan March Madness Live 9:15 pm TNT Des Moines, IA

Seton Hall vs. Wofford March Madness Live 9:30 pm CBSJacksonville, FL

Old Dominion vs. Purdue March Madness Live 9:45 pm TBS Hartford, CT

Baylor vs. Syracuse March Madness Live 9:55 pm truTV Salt Lake City, UT