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Purdue Walk-on Alfred Armour Squats 600 Pounds

Even our Walk-ons are making huge gainz.

Wisconsin v Purdue Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Last offseason Rondale Moore made headlines before he even set foot on the field at Purdue. He made a 600 pound squat that showed his incredible leg strength. Even though Moore is a smaller receiver, it was an incredible feat of strength and many fans were thinking of it later when he was making moves on the field.

It turns out he is not the only Boiler skill player in the 600 pound squat club.

This is freshman running back Alfred Armour. He redshirted this past season, but as you can see, the 6’1”, 220 pound running back has amde some major strides in the weight room. What’s even better is that he is a walk-on. This is the kind of stuff that gets walk-ons to the field.

As a junior at Warren Central he ran for 301 yards and a touchdown in 2016. It looks like he played mostly defense in 2017, but he comes from one of the premier football schools in the state. Warren Central just completed an undefeated season in November, winning its ninth state championship.

Will Armour see the field with Markell Jones and D.J. Knox gone? Their departure, plus the injury history of Tario Fuller and Richie Worship, means the door is open. Clearly Armour can kick it off its hinges.