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Purdue Women’s Basketball: Karissa McLaughlin Hits a DAGGER!

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Will this get the women’s team back on track?

NCAA Womens Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament-Purdue vs Rutgers Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

All was well early in the season for the Purdue Women’s basketball team. We started the season hot, starting with a record of 15-6, then we dropped 5 of our last seven games. as we are currently sitting at a 17-11 record.

But, last night was magical, Sophomore Sensation, Karissa McLaughlin put a dagger in the hearts of the Northwestern Women’s Team. With 4 seconds on the clock, the Boilers had the ball under our own basket, Karissa drills a step back 3. Karissa went full James Harden on the move, getting into the body of the defender before a big step back to gain separation.

Karissa has been one of the few highlights over the last 7 games, 5 in which the Boilers have dropped. She is averaging near 16 points per game, while shooting close to 40% from 3 and an astonishing 91% from the free throw line.

Maybe this is the type of victory that will propel the Boilermakers to win out the rest of the regular season. Purdue ends the season with going to Penn State, hosting Maryland and travelling to Indiana.

This could be what propels them into a big ten tournament run. The talent is there, but the girls went into a slump for a few games. Currently, we are in a 4 way tie in the loss column for 5th place in the B1G. If we win out and things bounce our way in the other conference games, the women could be sitting at 4th place and would get a double bye to start the B1G tournament.

Either way, the sophomore sensation has been fun to watch this season and overall, the rest of the team has been as well. Here is to hoping that the buzzer beater from last night is what propels us the rest of the season. Boiler Up!