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Purdue Football 2020: A WAYYYYY Too Early Depth Chart - Offense

This is an entirely too early depth chart for the 2020 football season - but I have nothing else to do.

Big Ten Football Media Days


  1. Jack Plummer - Sophomore (RS)
  2. Aidan O’Connell - Junior
  3. Paul Piferi - Frosh (RS)
  4. Mike Alaimo - Frosh

I could see a transfer for this position as well. Coach Brohm said on the radio the other day, he is going to look at the transfer market hard for the quarterback position. There could also be a late addition for the 2020 class in Malik Hornsby. Never count out Jeff Brohm on the transfer market.

I like this quarterback room, but we got to quarterback #4 real quick last year - which ended up being AOC. This year QB4 is a true frosh. I am not sure I am comfortable rolling into 2020 with a Sophomore, RS Frosh and true frosh plus a walk-on Junior. One more QB would make me feel much better.

Running Back:

  1. King Doerue - Sophomore
  2. Zander Horvath - Junior
  3. Tirek Murphy - Frosh
  4. Da’Joun Hewitt - Frosh (RS)
  5. Alfred Armour - Sophomore (RS)

The running back room is starting to get deep. King started most of last season, with Horvath sprinkled in. Incoming 4* RB Tirek Murphy will be in rotation as well. Hewitt will probably be more of a change of pace back for us - he is the best receiver of the group. Armour, a walk on is more of a fullback.

Left Tackle:

  1. Grant Hermanns - Fifth Year
  2. Eric Miller - Sophomore (RS)

Hermanns has probably been our best offensive lineman the past 3 seasons, but he gets injured far too often. If he can stay healthy, he is an All-B1G Caliber offensive lineman. We will need to lean on him to make this OL go. Miller is solid and continuing to get better, he played extensively last season and he is good depth.

Left Guard:

  1. Mark Stickford - Junior
  2. Gus Hartwig - Frosh

Stickford, the Carmel product, came on late last season and did a nice job at LG once we moved Criddle back to the defensive line. He will be solid in the middle for us. Hartwig may be too good to keep off of the 2 deep this year. He can play all interior positions on the offensive line.


  1. Viktor Beach - Junior
  2. Sam Garvin - Junior

Beach started the season at center, until about mid-way through when he was injured. Walk on Sam Garvin came in and filled admirably. But, if Beach is ready he will be put back in the starting 5.

Right Guard:

  1. Jimmy McKenna - Sophomore (RS)
  2. Cam Craig - Frosh (RS)

McKenna is solid, at right guard but this is not a definite starting job for him. Right Guard will be wide open for anyone to win. McKenna, Craig or Hartwig could all be starters at this spot in my opinion.

Right Tackle:

  1. Will Bramel - Sophomore (RS)
  2. Eric Miller - Sophomore (RS)

This was the position I am not totally sure at. Both Bramel and Miller played last year, I think this is an open battle, as every spot on the offensive line should be. I give Bramel the nod because I believe he is a bit of a better run blocker. We will need to be able to run the ball next year better.

Tight End:

  1. Payne Durham - Sophomore (RS)
  2. Kyle Bilodeau - Frosh (RS)
  3. Garrett Miller - Frosh (RS)

A young but talented group. They are all pretty much receiving tight ends first, so probably expect extra OL in some run sets. Durham did a heck of a job as the #2 TE last year to Hopkins. Miller and Bilodeau both played, but still could RS. They will be impact players for us as well.

Wide Receiver:

  1. David Bell - Sophomore
  2. Mershawn Rice - Frosh (RS)
  3. Jared Sparks - 5th Year

David Bell is the obvious starter. The Freshman All-American will be one of the top 5 Wide Receivers in the B1G this coming year. Backed up by Sparks and Rice, there is still a huge drop off, but there is definite talent behind him. Sparks being experience and Rice being talented as hell.


  1. Rondale Moore - Junior
  2. Jackson Anthrop - 5th Year
  3. T.J. Sheffield - Frosh (RS)

Rondale coming off a bad hamstring injury reclaims his Slot Receiver Spot, obviously. The All-American will look to have a bounce back season. Anthrop provides a solid back up and Sheffield is quality as well. Slot Receiver is LOADED.

Wide Receiver:

  1. Milton Wright - Sophomore
  2. Amad Anderson Jr. - Sophomore (RS)
  3. Maliq Carr - Frosh

This was the only one that I had as a toss up for wide receivers. I could see Wright, Anderson, Sparks or Carr starting here. I rolled with Wright because he gained some valuable experience as a frosh and has the highest ceiling. Anderson was also very good last year.