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National Signing Day: DeMarcus Mitchell Signs NLI!

Purdue gets a THUMPER!

Purdue v Northwestern Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Name: DeMarcus Mitchell

Position & Size: MLB, 6-3, 255 Pounds

Rating: 3*

Offers: Flip from Louisiana Tech!


Purdue has needed to build depth at the linebacker spot since Coach Brohm arrived.

They have had some 5th year guys and some under classmen play and some leave as well.

Finally, some depth has been built with last years LB class and this year’s as well. Now, most are still young - this is why DaMarcus Committing was Vital. Purdue needed a plug and play linebacker to go with Jaylen Alexander, Cornel Jones & Jalen Graham. We now have 3 upper classmen and 1 sophomore (albeit who played all year) at LB - while these young guys are developing.

Mitchell is a thumper. He has played OLB, MLB and Defensive End. I think he will mostly focus on MLB for us.

We are talking about a guy who will have 2 years of eligibility left for us. A guy at damn near 260 pounds that runs a 4.5 FORTY AT 260! He squats 615, Cleans over 300 and benches over 300. He is a grown ass man.

Welcome to Purdue. We are ready to watch you dominate.