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National Signing Day 2019: Nalin Fox Signs NLI!

Purdue snags an offensive lineman from Michigan

Indiana v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Name: Nalin Fox

Hometown: Pontiac, Michigan - Notre Dame Prep School & Marist Academy

Position & Size: Offensive Line, 6-6, 270 Pounds

Rating (247): 3* (82)

Offers: Toledo, Wayne State


Nalin Fox, probably an under recruited offensive lineman, has project written all over him. Similar to most offensive line recruits during the Brohm era, Coach has went after guys who are pretty athletic for offensive linemen - in hopes to put mass on them in 2 to 3 years and take over for the previous guy.

This past season, it wasn’t a great model, but as you continue to get more program guys in that will develop, then every year you will consistenly have 3rd year sophomores or juniors taking over for a graduating senior - it takes time.

Nalin projects as an offensive tackle. He can move well and get up to the second level pretty well. He also has one hell of a reach block.

Nalin is an athletic type of OL that Dale Williams and Jeff Brohm love. I look forward to seeing his development happen!

Welcome to Purdue, Nalin. Boiler Up!