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Purdue vs. Northwestern 2019 Predictions

Can Purdue win two in a row?

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Purdue Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll admit, I forgot that today was Friday and that yesterday was Thursday. I am the guy that’s supposed to send out the email and get these things collected. I failed. But that’s okay. It just seems like ever since I FOUND OUT I PASSED THE BAR and don’t have a specific day to look toward I struggle remembering the day of the week. Surely I’ll get better. Let’s get to it!

Jumbo Heroes (4-5) Says:

I know I’ve said this before but the team Purdue is playing this week is bad. Like, really bad. They’ve only scored 78 points this entire season and that includes a 30 point victory against UNLV. Over their 8 games they’ve averaged just 9.75 points per game. That’s gotta be historically bad. On the Purdue side though we are starting Aidan O’Connell who, no offense good sir, was never expected to see the field in his career at Purdue. Now, he’s all we’ve got. Let’s hope with the cadre of young talent on the offensive side it will be enough to scheme Purdue to an advantage and enough points to sneak out a road win against a Northwestern team that has had Purdue’s number in recent years.

Purdue 20

Northwestern 10

Travis (6-3) Says:

It is Aidan O’Connell’s time to shine, but with David Bell questionable per Jeff Brohm’s comments do we have guys for him to throw to? Expect a lot of tight end usage and hopefully it is a breakout game for King Doerue. Northwestern’s offense is terrible. We just need to get to 20 points. I think O’Connell can get us to 20.

Purdue 20

Northwestern 10

Chris (6-3) Says:

I’m on a train in Germany and I have had a few beers so let’s put our discretions to the side and LETTTTS GOOOO. I can’t do much for statistical analysis so I will make up for it with some cold hard facts. FACT: Northwestern has tickets on Stubhub for $2, similar to levels Purdue had under Hazell. FACT: Purdue wasn’t great under Hazell. FACT: I might actually be our backup QB this week. PREDICTION: AOC drops 250 as Purdue shows that despite having no line, we can throw out some guy who can pass well no matter what.

Purdue 31

Northworstern 17

Juan (5-4) Says:

In 2014, Michigan and Northwestern played in the famous M00N game. It won’t be as catchy, but perhaps this year Purdue and Northwestern will have themselves a P00N game.

Purdue 7, Northwestern 9