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Breaking T Introduces “Why Not Today” Shirt

We now have a shirt based on Drew’s pregame speech.

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Last season Breaking T helped us accomplish the best thing this blog has ever done. In creating a shirt to commemorate the memorable upset of Ohio State we were able to raise almost $1,200 for Tyler Trent’s cancer endowment through the Purdue Cancer Center, which was then doubled. Who cares about football when you can do that?

This year we have another new shirt, and it is based on the speech Drew Brees gave before the win over Nebraska on Saturday.

Why not today is a great motto going forward for both Purdue football and Purdue basketball. The football program has had a setback due to injuries this season, but feels on the brink of a major breakthrough. As we learned this last March, “Why Not Today” can apply to basketball as well after coming so close to finally breaking through to a Final Four.

So like Drew said, Why not Today? You can order this and more at the Breaking T Shop.

As a bonus note, Why Not Today is actually a Purdue related charity, as I learned via email over night:

I wanted to share a quick story with you. My wife and I graduated from Purdue in 2001 and 2002 respectively. We were at the school during Drew’s years and enjoyed the ride. We currently live in Bainbridge, IN and we run a non-profit called Why Not Today. We are a non-profit farm that raises cattle, chickens, and vegetables to donate to local pantries and those in need. It’s really cool to see our name being attached to Purdue, our school where we met and have many great many.

More information about Why Not Today can be found via their Facebook page, and I will be donating the proceeds from the shirt sales to them.