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1 Day to Purdue Basketball: Aaron Wheeler

Wheeler is a lot of fun to watch.

NCAA Basketball: Ohio State at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Today we feature one of the most exciting players on the roster.

Aaron Wheeler - So. (RS)

Stamford, CT (Brewster Academy)

6’9”, 200 pounds


2019-20 Projection: Starter at Forward

In last year’s game of inches that was the loss to Virginia Wheeler had one of the most cruel turnovers in the first half. Just before a media timeout he appeared to beat the shot clock for a big 3-pointer, but the replay revealed he got it off a split second too late. As you know, Purdue went on to lose in overtime, but those three points (plus the “did he get his foot behind the line” two from Carsen in the second half) ended up being huge.

That’s not Wheeler’s fault, however. He had a fantastic year coming out of redshirt with a lot of made threes and highlight reel dunks. He is long and athletic, making him one of Purdue’s most versatile players. he shot 36.5% from three last year despite never being the first option in the offense. He was also the player most likely to slam home a cutback dunk or throw down a cross court alley-oop.

Honestly, I think Wheeler can be Purdue’s most exciting player this season. We saw it in bits and pieces last year. We know about his offense, but he was second on the team in blocked shots with 17 and he also managed 21 steals. If he improves his already solid shooting even a little, watch out.