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Purdue Football: Early Off-Season Questions

Purdue v Northwestern Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

2019 was a bust. But there were some bright spots along the way. 4-8 overall, injuries that hindered the seasons, games we should not have lost - it is what it is.

But, there are definitely a bunch of questions that need to be answered this off-season. I asked some Purdue Fans and here are a few responses that I received.

I think there are some guys who will obviously come in and play. Coach Brohm & Co have put together another top 25 recruiting class.

For a few guys that will play early on, I see:

  • Maliq Carr (WR)
  • Tirek Murphy (RB)
  • Greg Hudgins (DE)
  • Gus Hartwig (C/G)
  • Sanoussi Kane (Defensive Back)

For us to build depth, we need to be able to redshirt and keep players around for 4 or 5 years. Remember, Coach Brohm has had to build this from the ground up, we had only 11 seniors this year. If we have a bunch of freshmen playing all over the field again we will struggle once again.

I like Carr’s size at wide receiver, he gives us something we really don’t have. Murphy - hell the run game was a mess all year until IU game - a 4* RB isn’t coming here to RS. Hudgins, we need more pass rush opposite of George. Hartwig, Army All-American OL, we need interior OL depth. Sanoussi Kane is my sleeper pick, you can’t teach football IQ and he is really smart.

My gut tells me if Elijah comes back he will get the first crack at becoming a starter. Don’t think that AOC did not impress though, he will fight Plummer off for the back up role or potential starter.

Piferi should be penciled in behind both and Alaimo should redshirt. Maybe we could see a grad transfer or late JUCO if Elijah decides this year was enough.

I am not sure on these, they both were not great this season. Coach Brohm did not sound happy with defense in the post game today, probably thinking he did enough to win on Offense.


Well, let’s start with who returns.

LT - Grant Hermanns

LG - ___________________

C - Viktor Beach

RG - ________________

RT - Eric Miller

So basically, at minimum, you have 2 spots you need to fill. Hartwig could be a guy that could play some guard for us as a freshman. Kyle Jornigan, will be a RS Frosh that should be able to contribute, he is a big strong kid.

Criddle is a RS Junior, but was annouced as a senior today. I believe Sam Garvin proved he could play and maybe he could be a potential guard for us as well as backing up Beach at center. Expect DJ Washington to be in the mix as well, he was slated to be at a guard spot before the injury bug got him.

In recent weeks, Purdue has offered a few JUCO OL and has started to look at the grad transfer market.

Point blank it needs to be better, Whether it is players or coaching, we have a few months to figure it out.

  1. Who knows, we were drug through the mud all year with injury reports on #4, the rumor is that it ended up being a torn hammy - not just a pull.
  2. Pass Defense improvements need to come from a few spots IMO. Play calling, the soft zones on third and long failed all year. 2. Experience, we return Mackey, Trice and Thieneman from the starters, with Marvin Grant coming back who would have played extensively if he did not get hurt. I think it mostly comes down to scheme.
  3. Running Game - In 2017, Brohm’s first year, we had multiple backs contribute - Fuller, Worship, Knox and Jones. I think we need to get back to that, backs with different skill sets to off-set the defense, but also the offensive line needs to improve. King Doerue, Zander Horvath, Da’Joun Hewitt and Tirek Murphy will bring in nice skills.

This is Mitch’s world and we are just all living in it.