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Bucket Game 2019 Predictions

Will we fire any writer who picks against Purdue? Possibly.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Jumbo Heroes (6-5) Says:

This is it. The whole enchilada. For Purdue there is no chance for a bowl game but there is for IU as they sit squarely and safely within the ranks of the bowl eligible. It’s a strange world we find ourselves in. Purdue has obviously been beset by more than their fair share of injuries but IU certainly has had some of their own as well. I never choose to pick against Purdue when IU is involved despite knowing better sometimes. This though isn’t one of those times. Let’s take a look at IU’s schedule shall we? IU has defeated Ball State, Eastern Illinois, UConn, Rutgers, Maryland, Nebraska, Northwestern. Not exactly the murderer’s row of opponents. How about who they’ve lost to? Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan, Penn State. All good teams, all ranked teams. Hard to hold that against them. Then you think to yourself, wait, have they beat a single good team all year? I’ll let their opponent’s records answer that for me.

  • Ball State 4-7
  • Eastern Illinois 1-11
  • UConn 2-9
  • Rutgers 2-9
  • Maryland 3-8
  • Nebraska 5-6
  • Northwestern 2-9

Some quick math, I can do that since I graduated from Purdue, leads me to the conclusion that the opponents they’ve defeated have a combined record of 19-59. That winning percentage is...bad. This is supposed to be what the best IU team in decades right? Look at that record and tell me that’s the record of a juggernaut that is unbeatable. They’ve yet to beat a team with a winning record and only one, count ‘em one, team they’ve played has even the chance of getting to bowl eligibility and that’s assuming that Nebraska can take down the ranked Iowa Hawkeyes. Look, I know that Purdue hasn’t exactly faced a murderer’s row either but let’s not pretend that Indiana is some sort of undefeatable juggernaut that will crush Purdue with zero chance for the injury depleted Boilermakers. As such, I will be picking my team and hoping for the best because I truly think that Purdue has a chance to win tomorrow.

Purdue 31

IU 28

Chris (8-3) Says:

I hate to say it but we are going to lose the bucket. We just can’t compete with a team that has bested UConn and Ball State. They’re too good for us and their SEC schedule shows how deserving they are of all their back patting. Oh wait, it’s just an SEC OOC schedule. But still, I think we still manage to lose and IU pretends like they’re somehow good despite not beating anyone. 27-24 IU, very begrudgingly.

Purdue 24

IU 27

Travis (8-3) Says:

Not much would be funnier than Purdue beating Indiana in its best season in a quarter century with a fourth string walk-on quarterback and a bunch of freshmen playing due to injury. #9Windiana has been a thing all season, but I would love to cancel it with a win here and keep the bucket. It would give the program a lot of positive momentum going into 2020, especially with a very tough opening stretch at Nebraska and against a very good Memphis team. Unfortunately, Indiana is pretty good and has beaten teams it should all year. I think we keep it close, but the Bucket goes back into exile.

Purdue 27

Indiana 34

Juan (6-5) Says:

Welp, time to kick the bucket on this season.

Purdue 14

Indiana 28

Holmes (?-?) Says:

It’s the bucket game, if I predicted a loss I’d have to resign immediately.

Purdue 70

IU -8