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Friday Drankin’: Function Brewing

It’s the season finale of Friday Drankin’

A sports fan carries a beer after the alcohol products were... Photo by Jeremy Hogan/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Bloomingotn has some really good beer. Upland is their most famous brewery and it has some very good offerings. Last season I featured Switchyard Brewing in this spot, then tried it out after the Bucket Game, you know, for scientific purposes. There are still more great breweries to explore in Bloomington, and today we’ll take a look at Function Brewing.

Function Brewing

108 E Sixth Street

Bloomington, IN 47408

Function Brewing is pretty close to downtown Bloomington and it is roughly a mile and a half from Memorial Stadium. It is an all ages taproom with full food service too. The food sounds amazing, too:

Our food is made with the highest quality ingredients and housemade components. We make our own: salad dressings, pickled vegetables, roasted vegetables, jam, pimento cheese, hummus, baba ghanoush, pesto, whipped cheeses, marinated olives, curry cashews, chimmichurri, pecorino crackers, crostini, croutons, aiolis, and many more sauces, items, and components.

If we don’t make it in house, we source local, high quality products from local artisans, farmers, and businesses. We go to great lengths to completely avoid high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oil in any of our food.

As for the beer, they don’t have a lot of detailed descriptions, but they are regularly expiramenting and trying new things:

We have a rotation of twelve made in-house beers to choose from. We’re lovers of all varieties, so we don’t focus on specific styles, but brew what our hearts desire.

To date over 220 unique beers have been brewed (some as festival-only releases). Some of our favorite or most unique include:

Tangent IPA, Hefeweizen w/ coconut and pineapple, Tart Cherry-Lime Golden Ale, Hazy IPA, Nut Brown, Coffee Milk Stout, Spiced Rye, Smoked Porter, Honey Brown, Toasted Rye Pale, Session IPA, Rye IPA, Oatmeal Brown, Saison, Roggenbier, Robust Porter, Jalapeno-Pineapple IPA, Orange-Chocolate Stout, Chipotle Stout, Szechaun Peppercorn Pale, Banana Stout, Smoked IPA, Spiced Apple Ale……….

We love to offer new beers, so our selection will always change.

On Tap Now

Tangent IPA

Acute Blonde

Digit Red Ale

Theorem Milk Stout

Scalar Smoked Amber


Hypatia Belgian Golden Strong

Rhombus Roggenbier

Hypotenuse Robust Porter

ArcCot Spiced Apple Brown

Newton’s Nut Brown

Collingwood English Golden Ale

I tried Switchyard last year and it was pretty good, so this is probably a stop at next year’s Bucket Game.