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Thank You, Richie Worship & Tario Fuller

We say good bye to two of our Running Backs this weekend.

Purdue v Northwestern Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Both came in with the 2015 class. Both were redshirted.

Thunder and Lightning.

Richie, 6-1, 250 Pounds, Tario, 6’, 200 Pounds.

But, injuries got the best of them. Both backs played extensively in 2017 - Jeff Brohm’s first year at Purdue. Almost more than Knox and Jones.

But, injuries shortened that 2017 season for both guys.

Richie has never fully recovered and did not see the field in 2018 - Tario backed up the two seniors running backs last season.

This year was supposed to be the year for these two.

Richie had some set backs with his rehab. Tario broke his jaw in a special teams drill right before the season.

But, these two are program guys. Stayed all 5 years, since they were redshirted, went through rehab when hurt and played well when they were healthy.

Along the way, Tario Fuller made national news, making a little girl’s birthday. Along the way, Tario had his own little girl as well. congratulations, Tario.

These two embody what being a Boilermaker is. Grit, fortitude and a never quit attitude. We appreciate everything you two have done for Purdue.

Congratulations, Tario & Richie. Boiler Up.