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Fan Pulse Top 25

The Bayou Bengals’ Gumbo Remains Extra Spicy

LSU v Mississippi Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Little SNAFU this week pushed this post back to Friday, but never fear, I’m hear to analyse all of your choices and pass harsh judgement when necessary.

National Poll

The National Poll mirror the top 5 of the CFP rankings. That’s not surprising. Georgia jumped Alabama based on Tua’s injury, and I don’t see a way forward for the Crimson Tide. They’re going to need to beat Auburn by 70 points with Mac Jones, and I based on the Bama offense I’ve seen with Jones at the helm...they’ll be lucky to break double digits. You can’t rank a team based on their offense, and then move them up when the biggest part of that offense gets injured.

Better luck next year Bama.


This is an interesting section. Oklahoma grabs the 6th spot after Baylor choked away a massive lead last weekend. The Sooners are ranked 9th in the CFP. Texas continuing to be Texas isn’t helping their cause at all in the CFP.

The Oregon disrespect is palpable. They lost their opener to Auburn, but are ranked below an Oklahoma team with a loss to K-State and a Utah team (in the same conference) with a loss to USC. Oregon is 6th in the CFP rankings.

Penn State should enjoy their time in the top 10, because Ohio State is about to wreck shop on the over rated Nittany Lions. When you look back at the innagural CFP rankings from this year, you’re going to scratch your head and say, “really, they thought Penn State was the 4th best team in the nation?”

Florida continues to get a pass with 2 losses, even though their offense is garbage. It helps to play in the SEC I suppose.


I like to think Baylor was struck by college football karma. Ruhl has done an incredible job in Waco, but I’m not ready for a feel good Baylor story yet. I’m not sure I’ll ever be prepared for that.

The Golden Gophers continue to under ranked, based on their record, but I don’t think they’re a top 10 team either.

If Florida and Auburn combined offenses, they could potentially put something interesting on the field. Since they can’t, Auburn remains a team with a top quality defense and a putrid offense.

I don’t believe Cincinnati is the 16th best team in the nation, and would take Purdue over them in a game right now.

Wisconsin is 17th. I don’t think there are 16 teams better than Wisconsin, but you can’t lose to Illinois in football....ever...looking at you Purdue.

Michigan is 19th. I personally believe the Michigan football should be loaded into the next available rocket and fired into the sun, but 19th seems reasonable I guess.

I like App State, but they’re not the 20th best team in the country.


The only team that stands out in this group is Virginia Tech. It looked like they were dead in the water earlier in the year, but have made a solid comeback. They’ve put together a nice little squad out of spare parts.

Hammer and Rails Poll

  1. LSU (10-0)
  2. Ohio State (10-0)
  3. Clemson (11-0)
  4. Georgia (9-1)
  5. Alabama (9-1)
  6. Oklahoma (9-1)
  7. Utah (9-1)
  8. Oregon (9-1)
  9. Penn State (9-1)
  10. Florida (9-2)
  11. Baylor (9-1)
  12. Auburn (7-3)
  13. Memphis (9-1)
  14. Minnesota (9-1)
  15. Notre Dame (8-2)
  16. Wisconsin (8-2)
  17. Cincinnati (9-1)
  18. Michigan (8-2)
  19. SMU (9-1)
  20. Iowa (7-3)
  21. App State (9-1)
  22. Boise State (9-1)
  23. Air Force (9-2)
  24. Virginia Tech (7-3)
  25. Oklahoma State (7-3)

Look, y’all are entitled to your own opinion, but my only real issue is with Florida and Auburn. Florida has a 1 over a ranked team. That team is Auburn. Auburn’s inability to score just happens to line up perfectly with Florida’s mediocre offense. In the two games Florida has played against actual good team, they lost. The LSU game wasn’t even particularly close.

While I don’t understand Florida being 10th Auburn 12 makes no sense, at all, can’t justify it with the record test or the “eye test.” Auburn’s win over Oregon gives them a weird amount of credit, because y’all don’t think Oregon is that good. Outside of Oregon, they’ve played 3 ranked teams, and lost all 3.

I don’t get it guys, what am I missing?

Purdue Football Confidence

We’re at an all time high after knocking off Nortwestern. Let’s see if we keep that same energy after the Wisconsin game. Glad y’all are on board the Brohm train though.

Poll Question

I don’t like this answer, not at all. The SEC is not a 2 CFP team league this year. Georgia has to beat LSU in the SEC Championship game for this to happen. I don’t see that happening because I have no trust in Georgia’s ability to score points against good teams.


I think 75% should be the bedrock for this poll. I can’t imagine it dropping any lower than this unless things totally fall apart.