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Purdue at Wisconsin 2019 Predictions - Turning Point?

Can Purdue win their first game against Wisconsin since 2003?

NCAA Football: Purdue at Northwestern David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Jumbo Heroes (5-5) Says:

I got to Purdue in 2004. That was the infamous year of The Fumble. It was a great season up until that night. Purdue lost to Wisconsin that day and has lost to Wisconsin every time they’ve played them since. Purdue hasn’t beaten Wisconsin on the gridiron since 2003. Wisconsin this year is their typical power run game selves and Purdue is, as typical of late, struggling to stop the run. This looks like it’s going to be one hell of a rough game for our beloved Boilermakers. Wisconsin continuously inserts random running back X each year behind those massive hogs at the offensive line and then running back X runs for over a thousand yards each season. This year isn’t any different with JTT crushing it back there. Purdue needs this game if they hope to maintain a chance at bowl eligibility. As much as I’d love them to get it I just don’t see it happening. 2003 was the last time Purdue beat Wisconsin and I don’t think that changes on Saturday.

Purdue 14

Wisconsin 32

Juan (5-5) Says:

Lord, have mercy.

Chryst, have mercy.

Lord, have mercy.

Purdue 3

Wisconsin 35

Travis (7-3) Says:

Purdue is going to have to play a virtually perfect game to win this, and that is even if Rondale comes back and goes full Rondale. When the Boilers dropped the season opener at Nevada I was afraid that it would bite us in the end, and it turns out I was right. That game could be the difference between a bowl game an no bowl game. I have zero faith that Purdue can even slow down Jonathan Taylor after the last two years. He went for 300+ last year and it will probably be more of the same this year.

Purdue 13

Wisconsin 35

Drew (?-?) Says: editor’s note: The email prompting these replies asked if Purdue could do it.

Define “it”. If by “it” you mean win..hahahahahahahaha.

Purdue 17

Wisconsin 35

Chris (7-3) Says:

Oh God Holmes said in the group chat that he thinks we will beat Wisconsin and I kinda sorta agree we will be a thorn in their side. But as I sit here at the point of having to commit to a prediction I can’t say I have any logical reason why we should. We can’t stop the run. Our offense of freshmen has been surprisingly serviceable but they’re not great by any stretch. They should beat us 44-3. But I am going to just go out on a limb here and say they’ll struggle to get it going, but ultimately close us out. 27-21 Wisconsin. Boilers cover at least.

Purdue 21

Wisconsin 27

Holmes (?-?) Says:

Purdue pulls off the upset because Brohm and Holt coach aggressively and take some risks. We barely survive the grind that is playing a Wisconsin offense at the end of the game.

Purdue 38

Wisconsin 35