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College Basketball Rankings November 18: Purdue Still Receiving Votes

The media is still somewhat high on Purdue.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Marquette Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It was a bit of a rough week for Purdue. The blowout of Chicago State barely counts because we were going to blow them out under almost any circumstances. The Wednesday night loss at Marquette, especially after leading by 18, was troubling. Purdue fell apart on both ends of the floor in the second half and could never get anything going offensively. It was another miss opportunity and the negativity is rising around the program again.

Fortunately, there are still opportunities out there. Purdue will beat Jacksonville State this weekend, then if it can win both games down in Florida that will right the ship. After that, we get a home game against Virginia to see if Mackey has been recalibrated. I can see Purdue entering the bulk of conference play in January with only three losses, and I think that would be a great spot to be in, as it would mean a couple of good out of conference wins locked in.

After last year, I trust coach Painter. He will turn it around. In the meantime, Purdue is not int his week’s top 25, but it is still receiving votes in the AP Poll.

  1. Duke (52) 1,608
  2. Louisville (8) 1,501
  3. Michigan State (4) 1,496
  4. Kansas 1,389
  5. North Carolina 1,262
  6. Maryland 1,240
  7. Virginia (1) 1,232
  8. Gonzaga 1,227
  9. Kentucky 1,110
  10. Ohio State 1,006
  11. Oregon 998
  12. Texas Tech 947
  13. Seton Hall 837
  14. Arizona 644
  15. Utah State 619
  16. Memphis 574
  17. Villanova 560
  18. Xavier 463
  19. Auburn 420
  20. Tennessee 402
  21. VCU 365
  22. Texas 238
  23. Colorado 208
  24. Baylor 179
  25. Washington 150

Others Receiving Votes: Florida St. 91, Florida 67, LSU 61, Saint Mary’s (Cal) 55, Evansville 43, Oklahoma 29, Vermont 11, Michigan 11, Marquette 11, Purdue 11, Butler 10, Mississippi St. 9, Virginia Tech 7, West Virginia 6, Providence 5, Wisconsin 5, Liberty 4, Arkansas 3, Missouri 2, UConn 2, Southern Cal 2, New Mexico 2, San Diego St. 2, Dayton 1.

Like I said, plenty of chances. We can still pick up three non-conference wins over top 25 teams in VCU, Tennessee, and Virginia. You can either complain about what has happened or get better and move forward. I know Painter and Co. will choose the latter.