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Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse - Basketball

If football isn’t your bag, let me introduce you to a little sport I like to call college basketball.

Purdue v Marquette Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Y’all have done a great job with the college football fan poll this year. If nothing else, it’s fun to write about each week.

While football is fun, I understand that college basketball has a certain appeal for Indiana people (I refuse to use the H word). The good news is that SB Nation FanPulse is back for college basketball.

If you’ve voted in the football poll, you’ve seen the basketball confidence questions already.

Here are the results so far.

Purdue Basketball Team Confidence

Week 1 - 97.1%

Week 2 - 84.9%

These numbers are encouraging from a fan perspective. Purdue has stumbled out of the gate, but Coach Painter and the boys have built up enough capital from the last few seasons to stave off the boo birds...for now.

How do I sign up?

Thanks for hypothetically asking. If you signed up for the football portion of this exercise, congrats, you’re all ready signed up (wasn’t that easy?)

If you believe that football is a sport for barbarians who enjoy rolling around in the mud, then all you need to do is sing up by clicking.....