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Purdue Reveals New Scoreboard Design


Minnesota v Purdue

The venerable old Ross-Ade Stadium scoreboard, which has been updated several times over the last 30 years or so but has been the same basic structure, has just one game left. The Bucket game will be the final game for the current structure, as a new multi-million dollar sideboard will go up in Ross-Ade Stadium after this season. Now we know what it will look like:

Purdue Sports

This board is so good that it will show away games given that the image on it here is Tario Fuller at Missouri from the 2017 season. Here are some of its features:

The new board will be one of the largest in the country for college football, measuring 56-feet, 9-inches high and 150-feet, 4-inches feet wide. Those measurements are more than four times bigger than the current board (31 feet by 68 feet), which debuted in 2007. The new board will show live action and replays at 10-millimeter resolution, with the capability to be windowed into multiple screens to provide a variety of game-related information.

The board will be the first HDR (high-dynamic range) board in college football, providing a significantly sharper picture and richer color.

In addition, the board will be positioned 30 feet closer to the field, situated at the back end of the south end zone patio. Purdue Athletics officials are examining ways to minimize the effect on patio space and associated customer service.

This looks great and I know it is a necessary addition since one of the concerns they had going into this season was “will the old scoreboard turn on?”. It is also just a preview of larger renovations to come. Of course, if Kyle had his way, this would not be the only change for 2020, as you will see later today.