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Fan Pulse Top 25

LSU remains on top, Bama holds on to a top 4 slot.

LSU v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

National Poll


LSU retains its rightful spot at the top of the polls after knocking off Alabama. The game wasn’t as close as the final score indicated (WTF was LSU doing on Bama’s last drive?) but that doesn’t matter. The Crimson Tide still manage to secure their spot in the top 4, because sometimes you use “resume” and sometimes you use “eye test” depending on what logo is on the side of the helmet.

Bama’s best victory is against unranked Texas A&M (at home).

They’ve also got a home loss against LSU after a 2 week layoff.

Their defense has been exposed numerous times and their running game is non-existent.

They’ve got an opportunity to improve their resume in the coming weeks against Auburn, but I’m not sure what they’ve done at this point to justify remaining at 4 over several undefeated teams with better overall resumes.


Now we get to Georgia at 5.

I like Georgia at 5 more than I like Bama at 4, but at the same time, I’m not sure how you can put them about Baylor and Minnesota. Georgia lost a home game to South Carolina, and South Carolina is not a good football all. Meanwhile Baylor and Minnesota have navigated through the Big12 and Big10 undefeated.

Now, who would I take in a head to head match up between Georgia and Baylor and Georgia and Minnesota...Georgia all-day, but if we’re going by merit, the Bulldogs, much like the Crimson tide are riding reputation over results.

We’ve got to talk about Utah for a moment, because they moved from 8th to 12th after knocking off a dangerous Washington team on the road. Meanwhile a 2 loss Florida team moves from 11th to 10th on the strength of a Vandy win?

To make matters worse, Utah isn’t the only Pac-12 team getting the short end of the stick. Oregon dropped from 9th to 11th because of an open date. They also have 1 less loss that Florida but find themselves looking up at the Gators.

I can’t say I’m surprised, but I am disappointed.


This section of the poll was surprisingly stable. A few teams from the top 10 dropped back and a few teams from the top 11-20 moved up, but the only team to drop out of the top 11-20 was Wake, who lost to Virginia Tech because of course they did. App State moved up from the 21-25 range to take their place.


App State moved into the top 20 and Wake dropped to 23 in a like for like swap. San Diego State crashed out of the polls after being upset by Nevada. Kansas State also dropped out after losing a heart breaker on the road at Texas.

Indiana found their way into the polls for the first time in anyone’s memory, and Virginia Tech moved up as well.

Hammer and Rails Poll

  1. LSU (9-0)
  2. Ohio State (9-0)
  3. Clemson (10-0)
  4. Georgia (8-1)
  5. Alabama (8-1)
  6. Baylor (9-0)
  7. Oklahoma (8-1)
  8. Minnesota (9-0)
  9. Florida (8-2)
  10. Utah (8-1)
  11. Penn State (8-1)
  12. Oregon (8-1)
  13. Auburn (7-2)
  14. Memphis (8-1)
  15. Cincinnati (8-1)
  16. Notre Dame (7-2)
  17. Wisconsin (7-2)
  18. SMU (9-1)
  19. Michigan (7-2)
  20. Boise State (8-1)
  21. App State (6-3)
  22. Virginia Tech (6-3)
  23. Lousisan Tech (8-1)
  24. Wake Forest (7-2)
  25. Indiana (7-2)

I like your top 4 better than the National top 4, because at least Georgia has a win against a decent football team this year. I made my feelings about 1 loss teams being ranked ahead of undefeated teams (at this point in the season) clear in the above section though, and it still stands.

Y’all also disrespected Utah, Penn State and Oregon by putting them below 2 loss Florida. I still don’t get that decision.

Everything else is pretty much tasters choice, but I am impressed that you guys voted Indiana into the top 25 despite the fact that they are Indiana.


Looks like Joe is far and away the favorite at the moment. It’s hard to argue otherwise based on his performance against Alabama (although once again, that Alabama defense hasn’t been good all season).

I do find it interesting that Lawrence gets so little interest. I understand that he hasn’t played a tough schedule this season, but I’m not sure you would find a quarterback with a career unblemished record, and a National Championship with so little support most years.

Football Confidence

Everyone is back aboard the Brohm train after Purdue managed to squeak out a victory over Northwestern.

He’s currently polling at 97%

Purdue fans have more confidence in Jeff Brohm that Alabama fans have in Nick Saban (80%) least this week