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Purdue vs. Brasky Pants Predictions - Let it Snow?

Will Purdue and the Huskers face each other in a winter wonderland?

NCAA Football: Illinois at Purdue
We are looking at this two for the offensive line.
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Jumbo Heroes (4-4) Says:

I was wrong last week and Purdue looked not so good in the weather. You would think these guys would’ve played in the wind and rain before but apparently not. The team did not look good. With the numerous injuries still playing a factor I’m not confident in Purdue’s ability to beat anyone.

The one good thing about playing Nebraska is that I get to show this video, as I do every year. It’s one of the best.

Purdue 17

Nebraska 24

Travis (5-3) Says:

I no longer have any idea what to think about this team. Whenever I get confident about them, they disappoint like last week. When I think they look awful, they come out and surprise. I guess that is part of playing so many mercurial freshmen. The bottom line is that we’re down to our last shot at bowl eligibility. We have to win he next four, and that includes a stunning upset in Madison. I think we find a way to keep hope alive for at least another week. I hope I am right.

Purdue 31

Nebraska 28

Chris (5-3) Says:

It was the best of games, it was the worst of games. I went to see Game 7 of the World Series on Wednesday, and now I’m going to have to watch the Underwhelming Bowl on Big Nude err Noon Saturday. While I always want Purdue to win, I feel like this is the week I’d really like to see them step on the accelerator just to watch the meltdowns that happen in Lincoln, the overreaction capital of college football. Their fan base is, without a question, the most fun to watch lose their collective minds, while then continuing to sell out their stadium and basically tell their AD that the product on the field doesn’t matter to the revenue bottom line. I DIGRESS. I think with the cold temps but no precipitation in the forecast, the Purdue offense will roll, and I’m calling it now:

Purdue 34

Nebraska 10

Juan (5-3) Says:

Since it’s Halloween week, wanna hear something scary?

Purdue vs Nebraska on FOX. Boo!

Purdue 21

Nebraska 24

Holmes (4-3) Says:

Purdue 63 Nebraska 0 because of this tweet:

Purdue 63

Nebraska 0