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Fan Pulse Top 25: Bama in Familiar Territory

Alabama maintains the top spot in your hearts and minds.

Mississippi v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

National Top 25

The Crimson Tide remains at the top of the college football universe after dominating their off week in stunning fashion.

Bama and Clemson maintained their seemingly endless stranglehold on the top two spots in the poll, but an Ohio State University, namely the Buckeyes, overtook the Georgia Bulldogs for the coveted 3rd spot. The Ohio school located in Columbus’s early season dominance continued on Saturday, beating Michigan State 34-10. Georgia countered with a 43-13 beat down of the hapless Tennessee Volunteers, but it was not enough to hold off the surging Bucs for third.

The only team to move out of the top 10 this week was Auburn, whose chances of knocking of Florida were nixed by costly turnovers. Subsequently, Auburn was relegated to 12th, with every team previously below them sliding up a notch. The Nittany Lions were rewarded for their win over Purdue’s junior varsity squad with a top 10 ranking.

Outside the top 10, teams continue to shuffle back and forth, with new challengers coming to the forefront with a string of early wins only to be sent back down the ladder with a loss. Cal, for instance, was hot early and up to 18th last year, only to be sent packing after a respectable loss (17-7) to Oregon. UCF is hanging in the top 25, but I expect them to be vanquished following their loss to Cincinnati.

One team that was totally off the radar to start the season was Wake Forest, but the Demon Deacons have risen to 20th in this weeks poll. There is a potential for a top 10 showdown against Clemson November 11th if the Deacs’ can navigate through Louisville, Florida State, NC State, and Virginia Tech. They should be favorites, or at least within a touchdown depending on FSU, in all of those games.

Purdue Top 25

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Ohio State
  4. Georgia
  5. LSU
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Florida
  9. Notre Dame
  10. Penn State
  11. Auburn
  12. Texas
  13. Oregon
  14. Boise State
  15. Michigan
  16. Utah
  17. Washington
  18. Iowa
  19. Arizona State
  20. Wake Forest
  21. Virginia
  22. UCF
  23. SMU
  24. Oklahoma State
  25. Texas A&M

Y’all continue to break my heart with this Alabama thing, but I understand and forgive you. Although one person confessed to having Iowa ranked ahead of Clemson and probably has a brain worm.

Other than that, you’re poll lines up with the national poll, with a few teams transposed (Auburn/Texas, Utah/Michigan, Washington/Iowa, UCF/SMU). I suspect that UCF will be gone next week after their second loss, and Texas A&M could use a good showing against Alabama to hold on, as they continue to lose ground despite not having lost in a few weeks.

Other than that, y’all are spot on with you polls (I grudgingly admit that I too see the justification for having Bama #1).

Confidence Poll

The loss to Penn State shaved off a few more votes. I think we’re probably down the bedrock of confidence right now. Barring a complete bottoming out, I think 75% confidence is about where this Purdue program should be....let’s call it confident, but wary.

Personally, that’s where I fall in the confidence debate. I see some issues, but I think Brohm is the guy to fix them.

Time will tell I suppose.

National Question

Looks like everyone is excite to see if someone gets flagged for throwing out the “horns down” at the fairgrounds this weekend.