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Maryland at Purdue: Depth Charts

More injuries means more shakeups

Purdue v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Purdue was without a ton of players on Saturday at Penn State and lost a few more. Some of that is reflected in the latest depth chart for Saturday against Maryland.



  1. Jack Plummer - Fr. (RS) or
  2. Aidan O’Connell - So.


  1. King Doerue - Fr.
  2. Zander Horvath - So.
  3. Da’Joun Hewitt - Fr.


  1. David Bell - Fr.
  2. Jordan Bonner - Fr. (RS)


  1. Grant Hermanns - Jr.
  2. Cam Craig - Fr.


  1. Mark Stickford - So.
  2. Alex Criddle - Jr.
  3. Jimmy McKenna - Fr. (RS)


  1. Sam Garvin - So.
  2. Will Bramel - Fr. (RS) OR Viktor Beach - So.


  1. Matt McCann - Sr. (5) OR
  2. Marc Roland - So.


  1. Eric Miller - Fr. (RS) OR
  2. Will Bramel - Fr. (RS)


  1. Brycen Hopkins - Sr. (5)
  2. Payne Durham - Fr. (RS)


  1. Jackson Anthrop - Jr.


  1. Amad Anderson - Fr. (RS)
  2. Kory Taylor - Fr. (RS)

Major shakeups this week with walk-on Sam Garvin now moved to starter at center. Mark Stickford moved to starter at left guard, while the mysterious “or” is listed for McCann and Roland at right guard and Miller and Bramel at right tackle. As bad as the offensive line was on Saturday this makes sense. Something needs to be shaken up.

Strangely, the “or” is there for Plummer and O’Connell too. Plummer wasn’t bad, per se, he was just running for his life. O’Connell got his first career action and completed a pass in the fourth quarter.

At receiver you are seeing the last five healthy scholarship players listed. TJ Sheffield and Milton Wright were injured late last week in practice. Mershawn Rice re-injured his hamstring. Jared Sparks is still out. Rondale Moore is still week-to-week. Anderson, Bell, and Anthrop are good, but we officially have no experience left behind them.



  1. Derrick Barnes - Jr.
  2. Kai Higgins - Sr.


  1. Kai Higgins -Sr.
  2. Jack Sullivan - Fr. (RS)


  1. Lawrence Johnson - fr. (RS)
  2. Giovanni Reviere - So.


  1. George Karlaftis - Fr.
  2. Branson Deen - Fr. (RS)


  1. Jaylan Alexander - So.
  2. Kieren Douglas - So.


  1. Ben Holt - GS
  2. Derrick Barnes - Jr.


  1. Cornel Jones - Jr.
  2. Jaylan Alexander - So.


  1. Corey Trice - Fr. (RS)
  2. Kenneth Major - So.


  1. Navon Mosley - Sr.
  2. Brennan Thieneman - Jr.


  1. Jalen Graham - Fr.
  2. Marvin Grant - Fr.


  1. Jordan Ricker - Fr. (RS)
  2. Dedrick Mackey -So.

Lawrence Johnson becomes a starter on the defensive line after Anthony Watts left with an injury last week. Rucker is out after getting injured on the opening kickoff this week:

Special Teams


  1. J.D. Dellinger - Jr.
  2. Chris van Eekeren - Fr.


  1. Brooks Cormier - Fr.
  2. Zac Collins - So.


  1. Nick Zecchino - Jr.
  2. Brooks Royal - So.


  1. Danny Carollo - Jr.
  2. Zac Collins - So.

Kickoff Returns

  1. Jackson Anthrop - Jr.
  2. Zander Horvath - So.

Punt Returns

  1. Jackson Anthrop - Jr.
  2. TJ Sheffield - Fr.

No changes here, but I’d imagine Sheffield is out. I might as well list the players that are all out an undetermined amount of time that would either be starting or playing a significant role:

Elijah Sindelar - QB

Rondale Moore - WR

Jordan Rucker - CB

TJ Sheffield - WR

Anthony Watts - DT

Lorenzo Neal - DT

Mershawn Rice - WR

Jared Sparks - WR

Milton Wright - WR

Markus Bailey - LB

Tario Fuller - RB

Marvin Grant - S

Richie Worship - RB

DJ Washington - OL