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Purdue Football: Launching New Moon Helmets

Purdue has hinted at some new helmets on Social Media.

From the Purdue team store

It appears that Purdue is going to “Launch” a new Helmet.

Based on their tweets and the audio within the Tweets, it seems like it will be a helmet based around Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon - as this year is the 50th year anniversary.

Purdue often used white helmets during the Darrell Hazell era. While it wasn’t a terrible looking helmet, there were a lot of games lost while wearing those helmets - so, rightfully so, Purdue Fans wanted them gone.

This was the design for the helmets - which was announced during the Spring Game in 2015:

Again, these are not the worst helmets in the world - but we took many bumps while wearing them.

During the Brohm Era, we have yet to see a white helmet - based on the tweets they have sent, it appears white is on the way though.

With Purdue having sent 25 Alumni into space, it is fitting that we celebrate this great accomplishment since an Alumni stepped foot on the moon - the first man ever to do so.

We will keep you updated with the final look once they are released.