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Purdue Sacked in Happy Valley- Purdue 7 - Penn State 35

Did we ever have a chance?

NCAA Football: Purdue at Penn State
This picture feels right.
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Prior to the game a couple folks on Twitter listed the number of injuries Purdue had. That included; Sindelar, Moore, Sparks, Wright, Sheffield, Fuller, Worship, Washington, Neal, Bailey, and Grant. With a lineup like that sitting the game out the question I had was...did we ever have a chance?

The answer of course, was no. Purdue immediately went down 28-0 and it was all over hardly after it began. The Purdue defense could not stop a fairly potent Penn State offense and the Purdue offense couldn’t even get plays off before Penn State was living in the backfield. Purdue’s offensive line allowed 10 sacks. Poor Plummer spent more time on his back than he did on his feet.

There’s very little to say about this game that was good except for quite a stretch there in the second half, five possessions to be exact, where Purdue didn’t allow any points by Penn State. It’s not as if the offense was able to do anything with those stops but at least the bleeding was stopped to a degree. Sometimes you take the good where you can find it. Today, you’ve gotta look extra hard to find anything good.

As the clock wound down and Aidan O’Connell came into the game following a Penn State turnover you have to wonder what the rest of this season is going to look like. Does Purdue have enough healthy bodies to even put out a competent team against the back half of this schedule? I can’t recall a team facing an injury bug like this in my time watching college football. I know some people will be upset with Brohm about this but those people are wrong. Sure, the offensive line was going to be a struggle this season but given that list of injuries up there I’m not sure what more this coaching staff could do.

For now, we will slog on to next week with Purdue now 1-4. Stay tuned for more to come.