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Purdue vs. Illinois Predictions

Rock fight!

NCAA Football: Purdue at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Jumbo Heroes (4-3) Says:

Look, Illinois isn’t good. I don’t care about the fact that they beat Wisconsin last week. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then. Or so the saying goes. Purdue is starting to look like a competent football team at times. Sure, the horses aren’t always there but the team is certainly starting to find its way in the darkness of this injury plagued season. I don’t expect to win the next three like some on this site COUGH Travis COUGH but I do expect some steady improvement throughout the rest of this season. I continue to point out though that Illinois, is really bad. Are they bad enough though that Purdue can walk out of Ross-Ade with a win? I think they are. I think Purdue walks away with a win but it’s ugly.

Purdue 28

Illinois 24

Holmes (4-2) Says:

Wisconsin made a ton of mistakes last week, and I’m just not convinced the Illini are actually better than anyone in the Big Ten (except Rutgers).

Purdue 31

Illinois 21

Travis (5-2) Says:

The schedule gets significantly easier this week, but Illinois is still a little scary after what they did last week. Fortunately, Jeff Brohm knows how to take care of antiquated cover 2 defenses. Last season Purdue fell behind 7-0, then torched them for 46 unanswered points on its way to an easy win. I think Illinois is still Illinois despite last week, and Purdue gets rolling at home on its way to a bowl comeback.

Purdue 38

Illinois 24

Chris (5-2):

Oh God we’re going to win a football game aren’t we. Where do I put my hands? Riding high off the Wisconsin win, the Illini season is effectively over, they’ve achieved their high water mark and they’re about as pleased as punch as us Boilermakers fans were last year after beating Ohio State, or at least that’s how I’m changing the narrative to fit this particular situation and completely ignoring our bowl game. But even with that, I’m very skeptical of the Purdue -7.5 line, because I’m not convinced our team is consistently 7.5 points better than the Illini. With that said, we seem to be doing what we’ve done in the past and are continuing to move past our rocky start and actually put out a decent product on the field, despite the injuries and youth. I think we walk away with this one with a deceptively close score (let’s call it some garbage time points for Illinois).

Purdue 28

Illinois 24

Juan (4-3) Says:

Purdue will either win this game by 20, or Illinois will win by 1 at the last second.

Purdue 27

Illinois 28

Kyle (5-2) Says:

It looks like it is going to be a rainy, messy, defensive battle on Saturday afternoon. Purdue, a pass first team and not a great running team in general will struggle on offense.

But it is Illinois, coming off a huge W vs Wisky, they should be primed for a let down.

Purdue 20

Illinois 17