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Iowa 26, Purdue 20: In Tweets

Purdue fought in Iowa City, but it wasn’t quite enough.

Purdue v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Iowa City was quite pleasant. In Tweets was hard to gather Tweets for because their cell reception is somehow worse than Ross-Ade’s, but the fans were very welcoming. It was an excellent place to watch a game, a very compact stadium that is somehow new, but somehow well preserved. My family and I were in section 102 with a pretty large contingent of Boiler fans and we tried to be as loud as we could be. I apolgize for it not working out.

I alos have to say something about Iowa’s wave at the end of the first quarter tpowards the Iowa Children’s Hospital. I have been to every Big Ten stadium except Nebraska. I have been to 25 MLB parks. I have been to about 100 Indiana HS basketball gyms, a dozen college basketball venues, and more.

The Iowa wave is the best tradition in sports.

There was an Iowa fan sitting next to Mrs. T-Mill today that had quite a story. She did not get his name, but he noticed our son sitting between us. Over the course of the game he told the story about his own son. He said he had a brain tumor when he was 8 and the Mayo Clinic told him that it was hopeless. He then went to the Iowa Children’s Hosptial.

That was 40 years ago, and his son is fine today.

He then told Mrs. T-Mill to hug our boy and cherish all those moments.

Iowa Children’s Hospital does some great things, and here at Hammer & Rails we have tried to help them out through Black Heart Gold Pants and their Touchdowns for Kids promotion. Being able to take part of today’s wave was an honor. If you are there and wave without tears in your eyes you are a cyborg.

Anyway, here are the Tweets: