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Purdue vs. Iowa Predictions

After a surprising win against Maryland can Purdue do it again against OMHR?

NCAA Football: Maryland at Purdue
Pick me! Pick me!
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Jumbo Heroes (3-3) Says:

I was wrong last week about the Maryland game and I have to say I love being wrong when it results in a Purdue win. There was a lot of reason for hope last week. The offensive play calling seemed to take the porous offensive line into account and the youth movement appeared well under way. As we look ahead to Iowa and you take a look at their schedule they really haven’t beaten anyone of note. Their four wins have come against Rutgers, Iowa State, Miami (Ohio), and Middle Tennessee State. Not exactly the murderer’s row of the nation. Taking a look at the losses they only lost to Penn State by two and Michigan by seven. In each game Iowa allowed less than 20 points. The Iowa defense scares me. With the game being on the road and a young Purdue offense facing a tough Iowa defense I’m inclined to pick Iowa here but I would again love to be wrong.

Purdue 20

Iowa 24

Kyle (3-2) Says:

Purdue played great against an overrated Maryland squad last week, doing basically anything we wanted on both sides of the ball.

This week is a much tougher task with a ranked Iowa team. Coach Brohm has had Iowa’s number for his first two matchups against the Hawkeyes. I am not sure if that will stay the same this season though.

Iowa has a first round draft pick playing defensive end who will just wreak havoc off the edge. They are also third in the B1G in passing yards per game, where they allow under 175 yards per game - which is Purdue’s strength, something has to give.

The vet filled Iowa team wins this one.

Iowa 38

Purdue 17

Andrew Holmes (3-2) Says:

I’ve already committed to going homer for the rest of the season, but if Purdue can play like they did last week I think we really have a shot here.

Purdue 24

Iowa 17

Travis (4-2) Says:

Yes, I know my record when seeing Purdue in a Big Ten venue for the first time is awful (1-10-1). Yes, I know we’re a multi-score underdog against a ranked team on the road. I don’t care. I am going full kool-aid. I remember how we won in Iowa City two years ago with a beaten up, under talented team. Iowa’s offense has not impressed me at all this season. Their defense is good, but if Purdue scores first it might just be enough to stay in front. Yes, we’re playing a ton of freshmen, but many are not playing like freshmen. Each Brohm team so far has had a memorable upset, and I think it comes this week.

Purdue 24

Iowa 17

Juan (3-3) Says:

Purdue vs Iowa. It’s a game that turns boys into Legends...and Leaders. I expect a bloodbath as the rivalry continues.

Purdue 7

Iowa 13

Chris (4-2) Says:

Iowa is coming off a couple of losses but let’s not pretend that they’re in some sort of downward spiral. A loss by 7 to the Wolverines and keeping it close against Penn State demonstrates easily that the Hawkeyes are, as much as I hate to say it, good. The fiercest rivalry of all the former Leaders-Legends crossup matchups, it seems that the tide this time is heavily in favor of the Hawks fans (most if not all of whom graduated from UNI, blessed be thy Panther-Hawks). But after last week it’s also hard to figure out if we’ve solved our problems or if Maryland just... sucks. Either way I see Iowa beating us by about 17, Sorry.

Iowa 37

Purdue 20