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Fan Pulse: Week 7 College Football Rankings

Two SEC Teams Lead the Pack.

Florida v LSU Photo by Marianna Massey/Getty Images

National Poll

It’s Bama and LSU at the top now?

I guess it’s Bama and LSU now.

The big move this week is LSU moving into the 2nd spot after their win against Florida. Clemson threatened to put 70 on Florida State before calling off the dogs mid 3rd quarter but couldn’t hold off the swamp Tigers for 2nd place in the poll.

Interestingly enough, if this holds, it positions the SEC West to get 2 representatives in the CFP with just a little help. I’m not sure I want to see a 1 loss that didn’t play in a conference championship game in the CFP again, but it’s the will of the people.

Ohio State rounds out the top 4 after finally knocking the offensively inept Spartans out of the top 25.

Georgia is the big loser, but y’all didn’t punish them much, sliding them from 4th to 9th after losing a home game to a 2-3 team down to their 3rd string quarterback much of the game. The Bulldogs have been flirting with bad games all year and finally got punished by South Carolina.

Florida also dropped out of the top 10 moving from 8th to 11th after losing in Deaf (yes, this is correct) Valley to the Bayou Bengals.

Auburn jumped back into the top 10, after moving down to 12th last week, based on their dominant performance over Open.

Penn State also moved up from 7th to 10th after knocking off Iowa on the road.

The new members of the top 25 this week are Appalachian State and Cincinatti. If you’re looking for an underdogs to cheer for, look no further than Mountaineers. They’ve only been an FBS team since 2014, had their head coached poached by Louisville this off-season and are still undefeated.

Cincinnati, on the other hand, seems like a bit of a reach. They’re in the top 25 because of a win over UCF...who are no longer in the top 25.

Texas A&M was finally sent packing after their 3rd loss of the year (this one to Bama).

Virginia and Wake both lost to trash teams and will probably be shipped out next week.

Hammer and Rails Top 25

  1. Alabama (6-0)
  2. Clemson (6-0)
  3. LSU (6-0)
  4. Ohio State (6-0)
  5. Oklahoma (6-0)
  6. Wisconsin (6-0)
  7. Penn State (6-0)
  8. Auburn (5-1)
  9. Georgia (5-1)
  10. Notre Dame (5-1)
  11. Florida (5-1)
  12. Oregon (5-1)
  13. Boise State (6-0)
  14. Texas (4-2)
  15. Minnesota (6-0)
  16. SMU (6-0)
  17. Utah (5-1)
  18. Michigan (5-1)
  19. Missouri (5-1)
  20. Arizona State (5-1)
  21. Cincinnati (5-1)
  22. Baylor (6-0)
  23. Wake Forest (5-1)
  24. Virginia (4-2)
  25. Oklahoma State (4-2) or App State (5-0)

Purdue Confidence

I don’t have the graphic this week, but just imagine a straight line up. Purdue jumped from 75% confidence to 100% confidence after the big win against Maryland. Like I said last week, I think the Boilers have a bedrock confidence of 75% and the other 25% of voters are just looking for a reason to be happy. Brohm and company gave them a reason on Saturday

National Heisman Vote

Joe Burrow (LSU) 35.2%

Jalen Hurts (Oklahoma) 24.4%

Jonathan Taylor (Wisconsin) 21.3%

Tua Tagovailoa (Alabama) 10.9%

Justin Fields (Ohio State) 6.2%

Trevor Lawrence (Clemson) 2%

I’m not sure many people had Joe Burrow as a Heisman contender at the start of the season, but he’s deserving of the top spot based on his performance against Texas and Florida.

Hurts is in second position after his dismantling of Texas.

Just a note...Texas’s defense is bad.