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Purdue Football: A Full Stable of Running Backs?

Will Purdue have a full stable of Backs Saturday?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 13 Purdue at Illinois Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Per Mike Carmin from the local Lafayette Journal & Courier, it appears that our two senior running backs will be in action this weekend.

So, for the first time all season, Purdue will have Tario Fuller - who was penciled in as the starter before he broke his jaw a week before the season started on a special teams drill.

Not only that, we will have Richie Worship in uniform - who has not played since 2017 when he injured his knee about halfway through the season. Coach Brohm and his staff did not give up on Richie, and he is finally healthy.

But, it appears that Zander Horvath will be out this weekend - though he has been prety unproductive this season anyway.

With at least three healthy backs, Purdue should be in good shape to be able to run the ball Saturday. The playing field appears that it will be wet, muddy and slippery - as it is going to rain all day Friday and will not get much above 50 degrees on Saturday.

It has been a while since we have seen either Tario or Richie.

Last season, Tario was hurt early in the season, but after coming back, D.J. Knox and Markell Jones firmly controlled the backfield.

This year, he was supposed to be our bellcow but then he broke his jaw. Is an untimely injury going to hinder his starting position in the mid to late part of the season? Possibly.

Freshman King Doerue had a pretty solid game two weeks ago, where he nearly rushed for 100 yards and had two touchdowns against Minnesota, a game that we all want to forget about.

Tario brings another element that we currently do not have though. His pass catching ability has always been the best of the backs since Brohm was hired. Tario also has a swagger to him that most backs do not - which has been missed.

Richie, a power back is a huge question mark. Will he be helpful if he does play? He has not seen the field in about 2 years now. What type of shape is he in? Has he been in the playbook getting those mental reps?

I expect Tario to make more of an impact that Richie on Saturday, but expect King, Tario and Richie all to see the field. We even may see the othher frosh running back, Da’Joun Hewitt - as Zander Horvath is out.

Hewitt has yet to see the field, but he has four games in which he can be used and the redshirt will still remain for next season.

This is a must win game for our Boilers - Purdue needs to win if they have any hope at a late season push for a Bowl. The return of the two senior running backs will definitely help.