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Friday Drankin’: Capitol City Brewing

Our nation’s capitol, and Maryland just outside of it, has some great beer.

Oktoberfest - FC Bayern at the Wiesn Photo by Matthias Balk/picture alliance via Getty Images

This summer I went on a ballpark tour. I am trying to visit every MLB stadium, so the family and I decided to knock off four in one week this year with the Orioles, Phillies, Mets, and Nationals. We had been to the Nationals before in 2016 when Purdue played at Maryland, and that is also when I had a chance to try out today’s brewery.

Capitol City Brewing Company


Washington, DC

I recognize that technically this is not in Maryland, but it is a short Metro ride from College Park and the University of Maryland campus. I found it the day of the Maryland game in 2016 and actually met Jumboheroes and Mrs. Jumboheroes there before the game since they are local and went to the game as well. The food was good, but the beer was excellent.

Amber Waves American Amber - 5.6 ABV, 31 IBU - A good, fresh amber is probably my favorite style of beer and Cap City’s is excellent. It is made with Columbus and Cascade hops and has won multiple medals at the Great American Beer Festival.

Capitol Kolsch - 5.2 ABV, 19 IBU - This is a solid Kolsch if that is your preferred style. It has also won multiple medals at the Great American Beer Festival.

Unfortunately, those are the only two beers they are currently brewing, as the rest of their beer menu consists of other local brews, but if you’re in our nation’s capitol it is definitely worth a stop. The pulled pork sandwich is excellent as well.