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Purdue vs. Maryland Predictions

Is there hope?

NCAA Football: Purdue at Penn State John Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Jumbo Heroes (3-2) Says:

Purdue stats and info tweeted yesterday that there are only 4 offensive players that will be starting against Maryland that also started in week 1. Those are Grant Hermanns, Matt McCann, Brycen Hopkins, and Amad Anderson Jr.. That’s...less than perfect. Purdue is one or two games from pulling students out of the stands to play in these games. And this basically goes for every position. There’s no position on the field right now that I feel comfortable about. That’s a terrible place for any team to be in.

Purdue 17

Maryland 31

Travis (3-2) Says:

Travis Miller

Oct 10, 2019, 9:17 AM (21 hours ago)

to me

The freshmen have to learn sometime. Unlike previous regimes, coach Brohm is at least trying something new? Offensive line gives up 10 sacks? BAM! three new starters. Purdue is still a heavily beaten up team, but the freshmen forced into action have shown some promise. Maryland is also not Penn State. They struggle to defend the pass and they are also playing a backup QB. One of these days a backup QB will play like a backup QB against us, and I don’t mean Ryker Fyfe from Nebraska. We get back not he winning track this week in a shootout.

Purdue 38

Maryland 35

Chris (4-1) Says:

Props to Maryland, who have found a way to be the most inconsistent team in FBS this season, recording wins of 79, 43, 41 and losses by 3 and 59 points. I have to think this will be a high scoring affair from the Maryland side, as they’ve not had too much problem moving the ball (outside of the PSU debacle and Temple, the latter which is deceptively a good team now). My computer model has us losing by 21 but I feel like the second half of the Penn State game showed that our Boilers still have a little fight in them so I’ll go with “only” a 17 point loss.

Purdue 21

Maryland 38

Juan (3-2) Says:

This is going to be a great moon game for Purdue, and no, I’m not referring to M00N. Can turtles even survive in the vacuum of space? I don’t think so. Despite his injury, Moore should be able to play since we’re only dealing with only 16% of Earth’s gravity, so his injury shouldn’t impact hi...

Oh, this game is still happening on Earth? In First-Aid Stadium? Yeah no we’re screwed.

Purdue 14

Maryland 21

Andrew Holmes (2-2) Says:

Full homer mode engage...also, astronaut helmets beat state flag helmets.

Purdue 35

Maryland 24


Purdue has to find a way to win this game Saturday. It appears as if Purdue will have a full stable of backs, which will alleviate some pressure from Redshirt Frosh QB, Jack Plummer. Having King, Tario and Richie will be more than helpful if all three play. Conditions looks to be a bit wet, after a full day of Rain Saturday - which may bode well for the young Boilers who have found the run game in recent weeks.

Defensively, we will have to stop a dynamic offense that looked great the first two weeks of the season, but then has struggled since - other than last week vs Rutgers. Against Penn State they were defeated 79 - 0, where the offense fizzled out. Can Purdue hold some momentum from the 2nd half of last week where this young team fought and played hard? I say yes

Purdue 31

Maryland 27