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Purdue Football: Looking Ahead, Offensive Line

What will the trenches look like in 2019?

NCAA Football: Foster Farms Bowl-Arizona vs Purdue Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

On the offensive line, we lose a lot, including three senior starters. While we have recruited offensive line heavy the past three seasons, they are still young, as none are true juniors. We will have to lean on the young players to fill the voids left by the upper class men.

Back are Matt McCann and Grant Hermanns who have been mainstays on the offensive line for three seasons. They will help lead a young group of players, as they will havea big learning curve early on, as we face strong defenses.


Kirk Barron - Graduation

Mike Mendez - Left Program

Eric Swingler - Graduation

Dennis Edwards - Graduation

Ethan Smart - Graduation

Shane Evans - Graduatoon

Bearooz Yacoobi - Graduation


Viktor Beach - RS Sophomore, 6’4”, 310 Pounds

Pros: Big, strong, smart kid that has gotten the chance to learn behind Kirk Barron for two seasons. Viktor will do a nice job of stepping in and filling the giant hole that Barron leaves is with.

Cons: Not much playing time, Viktor has very little game experience for Purdue.

Prediction: Starting Center

Jimmy McKenna - RS Freshman, 6’5”, 280 Pounds

Pros: Jimmy was a highly rated 3* out o Ohio last season, but needed a red shirt season to get stronger. In High School he did a nice job run blocking and pass blocking, I personally like him at Right Tackle with his height and ability.

Cons: Hasn’t played any football for us other than at practice, though there have been high remarks over his work ethic and ability.

Prediction: Back up Right Tackle

Will Bramel - RS Freshman, 6’6”, 280 Pounds

Pros: Long and athletic, Bramel has the frame of a perfect Tackle for the Jeff Brohm offense. Bramel had to come in and put some weight on in order to get ready to play.

Cons: Will his weight room strength transfer over to the football field? Again, this is another guy where we haven’t seen much from him, as he has not played a down.

Prediction: Reserve at Guard

Eric Miller - RS Freshman, 6’7”, 275 Pounds

Pros: Another overly athletic offensive lineman, a thing Coach Brohm looks for in his offensive lineman, Miller came in at 255 Pounds and has already put 20 Pounds of muscle.

Cons: Still a little thin in my opinion, Miller still needs some more weight on his frame.

Prediction: Reserve at Tackle.

Mark Stickford - RS Sophomore, 6’5”, 285 Pounds

Pros: 3 Years with the Jeff Brohm Offense will give him a head start on most. He played sparingly last season, where he backed up both tackle positions. Stickford, from Carmel, has good feet and is pretty athletic, he has put on about 35 pounds since he came to Purdue.

Cons: No starting experience, like most on this list. I would assume he is strong enough now by year three in the program.

Prediction: Starting Right Tackle

D.J. Washington - RS Sophomore, 6’4”, 290 Pounds

Pros: Another year three guy, but is only a sophomore, Washington has great size to play inside at guard, where we graduate two guys at. Washington will need to have a great spring and summer, as we really need him to play.

Cons: Not much playing time since getting here. Not overly athletic like most, but fits the mold of a guard.

Prediction: Starting Left Guard

Grant Hermanns - RS Junior, 6’7”, 295 Pounds

Pros: Has been a mainstay on the offensive line since his freshman year. He has faced some injuries, including an ACL a couple of years ago and was banged up again last season, but when in he has NFL talent.

Cons: Seems to be injury prone, he has missed entirely too many games over the course of his career to be considered anything but.

Prediction: Starting Left Tackle

Matt McCann - Senior, 6’6”, 300 Pounds

Pros: Versatile, he has played Guard and Tackle. This past season he played tackle, but I think we will need him to slide inside to help fill the void left by Edwards and Evans. We also have plenty of guys who can play tackle, but not guard.

Cons: Has been hurt during his career, but not as often as Hermanns. McCann has few weaknesses, but his pass blocking has always been spotty. He has always been a great run blocker.

Prediction: Starting Right Guard


Cam Craig - Freshman, 6’5”, 265 Pounds

Pros: Cam is a versatile offensive lineman that could turn into a guard or a center. He was a good at pass protection and run blocking while in high school.

Cons: He will need to put on muscle and weight to play in the Big Ten.

Prediction: Redshirt

Dave Monnot III - Freshman, 6’6”, 285 Pounds

Pros: Monnot projects as a tackle, but again, he could be a guy that slides inside with all of the depth we have at tackle. Monnot is already at 285 pounds, but needs to refine his game and build his strength.

Cons: At time seemed off balance in his high school film, will need to get in the playbook and get stronger, like all freshman.

Prediction: Redshirt

Spencer Holstege - Freshman, 6’5”, 275 Pounds

Pros: Spencer should end up being an offensive tackle, as his best skill set is pass blocking. He is pretty athletic for an incoming freshman.

Cons: Will need to build his strength and continue to learn the playbook, like most freshmen he is raw.

Prediction: Redshirt

Kyle Jornigan - Freshman, 6’4”, 295 Pounds

Pros: Jeff Brohm has openly said he is the most ready freshman offensive lineman to come in and make an impact. He projects solely as a guard, as he is not athletic enough to play tackle. He is college ready.

Cons: Pass protection was iffy in high school, but at guard you are leaned on more for run blocking.

Prediction: Rotation at Guard